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Understand what obsessive spirits are and how they can harm you

Do you know what are the obsessive spirits? They are disembodied souls that, with intention or not, end up influencing incarnate beings, that is, in physical life, and bringing uncomfortable situations to their daily lives. It is important to be careful, as they can influence your thoughts, your choices and even your health.

There are several types of obsessive spirits that act in different ways. To combat them, it is important to know them. Learn more about them and how to get rid of this evil.

What are obsessive spirits?

how they work

In question 460 of The Book of Spirits, the mentors say to Allan Kardec: “Your soul is a thinking spirit; you are not unaware that many thoughts occur to you, at the same time, on the same subject and often quite contradictory. Well, in this set there are always yours and ours , and that is what leaves you uncertain, because you have two ideas in you that are fighting each other”.

And he adds: “When a thought is suggested to you, it is like a voice that speaks to you. The thoughts themselves are, in general, those that occur to you on the first impulse. It is useful not to know it: man acts more freely; if he decides for the good, he will do so willingly; if he takes the wrong path, his responsibility will be greater”.

With the clarification, we understand that we need to select our thoughts, because as we are still very attached to the matter, we often allow ourselves to be negatively influenced. As we evolve, our protectors will be able to act positively on our thoughts and, as a result, we will have better attitudes.

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Can spirits influence a person’s actions?

In The Spirits’ Book, when asked if the spirits influence our thoughts and actions, the mentors say: “Much more than you can imagine. They influence to such an extent that, ordinarily, they are the ones who direct you.”

The Spiritism coder also had the opportunity to add in item 232 of The Spirits’ Book: “It would be wrong to think that it is necessary to be a medium to attract beings from the invisible world. They populate space, they are constantly around us, accompany us, they see and observe, intrude on our meetings, seek us out or avoid us, as we attract or repel them.”

This means that all of us, in some way, are susceptible to the action of spirits. We can call this spiritual influence as natural, since some of these spirits, because they are not completely aware of their situation in the spiritual dimension and still think they are incarnated, manage to influence the incarnate even without having any specific interest in harming them, but because they feel relief as they approach and, in this way, share their pain and suffering. We can also include in this category all the influences of good spirits such as familiars, protectors and mentors.

What makes spirits start to persecute people, wanting to harm them?

Often this happens because of conflicts in this or other lives, when some spirit that felt harmed may wish to take revenge and try to return the pain he felt to its causer.

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In addition, this situation can be caused by the feeling of envy of a spirit that, due to its moral inferiority, cannot accept the prosperity of the incarnate, igniting within itself the desire to destroy what it did not achieve during its own incarnation. . Thus, he starts to antagonize the victim and, if he gets in tune, causes him psychic, emotional and physical imbalances.

Another reason that can lead a spirit to attach itself to a person is their carelessness, which can attract inferior entities through their actions, words and vague thoughts. In The Spirits’ Book, Kardec asks: “Can a man exempt himself from the influence of the spirits that seek to drag him to evil?”. Mentors say: “You can, since such spirits only cling to those who, by their desires, call them, or to those who, by their thoughts, attract them.”

Are there symptoms of obsession? How to treat?

In principle, it is important to say that obsession is the harmful action of a spirit on a person, whose cause is given by the desire for revenge or affinity with the person’s way of being and habits. It can produce different effects in our life, both in the physiological field and in the emotional field, so it is necessary to be very careful when dealing with it.

To identify obsession, it is essential that the person knows their own psychological characteristics, to know that if something different or more intense appears, it may be a sign of an obsessive occurrence. For example, continuous irritation, exaggerated distrust, uncontrolled jealousy, sadness, disturbing anxiety, unjustified fears, discouragement, can be caused or potentiated by the action of the obsessing spirit.

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In the physiological field, chronic headaches, gastric and other problems can arise from contact with the poor quality vibration of the disembodied. Many of these problems can have only organic and not spiritual causes, so it is always advisable to seek medical help. The fraternal assistance of the Spiritist Centers can also help the person to identify the obsessive occurrence.

Spiritist therapy encompasses disobsession meetings (where the spirit is guided), passes, fluidized water and contact with the lessons of the Gospel and the Spiritist Doctrine, the most important being the moral modification of the individual, in order to that the link of syntony with the obsessing spirit is broken.

Now that you know what obsessive spirits are, prepare your mind in the right way and get rid of these evils!

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