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Turban tiara: how to bet on this accessory and transform your look

Have you also surrendered to the turban tiara trend? She is similar to our famous childhood bows, but wider, padded and usually velvet. Several famous actresses, fashion bloggers and influencers have already joined the accessory that is a total fever.

The tiara is a wild card in the world of hair adornments and can be a great start for those who are not used to wearing accessories. This time they came much more luxurious and elegant with different fabrics and ornaments such as pearls and gemstones. It’s time to choose your favorite model and rock the productions. Keep reading to find out more!

30 turban tiara photos to inspire wonderful looks

The turban tiara is a super versatile accessory. It suits many styles and occasions. To inspire you to create different and stripped looks, check out our list of suggestions on how to wear your turban tiara.

1. The turban tiara is an exuberant accessory and is on trend

2. It’s also a trend to match the color of the tiara with the clothes

3. Checkered look in the same fabric as the knotted tiara

4. The turban tiara is usually velvet, like the one below

5. And there is also a node in the center

6. This bicolor version is very cute

7. For the more discreet, bet on the light gray color, it goes with everything!

8. This polka dot print version is pure charm

9. The turban tiara with bow makes the look look like the 60s

10. And fun too!

11. This model studded with pearls is a beautiful option for parties

12. Even the simplest models like this velvet are still elegant

13. With this bow and jaguar turban tiara you don’t need anything else!

14. How about a lace turban tiara for everyday use?

15. Tiaras are great for those with short, curly hair

16. They look beautiful in hairstyles with short hair, as in the photo below

17. And they also match super well with long and loose hair

18. You can match the colors of the tiara with the makeup

19. Or create a more laid-back style, leaving the bangs to the front

20. You can match the tiara print with the t-shirt

21. Or if you prefer, choose just one color

22. See how versatile turban headbands are? It’s fun to use them!

23. How about a monochromatic look with the lace turban tiara?

24. And despite attracting so much attention, you can still create delicate looks, like this one

25. And also more sober productions, with the turban tiara in the spotlight

26. The options are numerous but this one with the leopard print is too beautiful!

27. Look how combining the black tiara with the bag of the same color is a knockout!

28. There’s something for everyone. Of the most extravagant and luxurious

29. Going through the printed and full of personality

30. Even the simplest ones, perfect to use all the time

The quilted and extravagant tiara has returned as a strong trend and promises to stay that way for a long time. Another detail is that turban tiaras match any hair type, age or style and bring a strong fashion information to your look.

How to make your own turban tiara at home

If money is short, don’t despair. You can make a beautiful turban tiara at home, spending very little. See the videos we selected with the step by step for you to learn.

Make a beautiful seamless knot tiara

Using only the fabric of your choice, a simple bow and hot glue, this video teaches you how to make a super stylish knotted tiara!

Quick and easy step by step turban tiara

To make this fabric turban tiara you don’t need to know how to sew. Choose between velvet, cotton or the fabric you like best and get to work.

Learn how to make a bow turban tiara yourself

This tutorial will teach you how to make a bow turban tiara. You will need to have some knowledge of machine sewing, but nothing too advanced.

Leather turban tiara complete tutorial

In this video, Cátia teaches how to make the pattern to cut the fabric and the step by step to make the tiara without external seams. Anyone who has skill with the machine will love it!

DIY a super stylish velvet tiara

Cinthia teaches, in a very easy way, how to make your own seamless turban tiara. And she gives the tip: don’t put too much glue for the finish to be well done.

Did you see how easy it is to make your turban tiara at home? You can even choose the fabric, color and style that best suits you. It’s also a great gift idea!

where to buy turban tiara

With so many variations of fabrics, colors and styles, we’ve made a selection of five turban tiara models for you to choose yours. Check it out below.

  1. Black turban tiara, at Dafiti
  2. Beige tiara with M. Loures pearls, at Shop2gether
  3. Light pink turban tiara, at Pri Accessories
  4. Black vinyl tiara, on Elo7
  5. Brown plaid tiara, at C&A
  6. There are options for all tastes and budgets. In addition to stores in malls, also look for thrift stores, independent stores at fairs or profiles of women entrepreneurs on social networks. So you acquire differentiated pieces and still help the local market.

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