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Tupperware: quality, modern design and smart kitchen solutions

Tupperware is the name of a plastics industry that emerged in the 1940s in the United States and is now present in more than 100 countries. It is well known around the world for its high quality products, modern design and smart kitchen solutions. It also stands out for offering career and profit opportunities to those who want to become a consultant.

Jars, pots for storing, preparing and freezing food, pots for use in the microwave oven, plates, cups, cups are just some of the plastic utensils sold by the industry, especially through home demonstrations and the internet.

“Tupperware is a company that seeks first and foremost the quality of its products. We, who are the front door of the products, can work with the certainty that we are selling a top product. We can guarantee without any doubt the total efficiency and performance of the products”, highlights Vanessa Daniela dos Santos, 25 years old, Tupperware Entrepreneurial Leader.

”And when it comes to working with the sales force, the incentives are second to none. We are highly valued, recognized and, above all, rewarded”, adds the entrepreneurial leader.

The Tupperware story began when engineer and inventor Earl Tupper decided to use expensive polymers instead of cheap plastics, with the goal of finding a plastic that was light, flexible, and unbreakable, and that would be useful for use in the kitchen. From there, the production of differentiated and quality products began.

In 1948, Brownie Wise, vice president of Tupperware, realized the great potential of the “Home Demonstration” sales method, which would become the key to the brand’s success: at a meeting with family and friends, the demonstrator showed the durability and product versatility.

Today, Tupperware is known worldwide for these famous meetings, called “Tupperware Experiences”, in which a consultant has the opportunity to demonstrate the attributes of the products and prepare recipes at the Hostess’s house, who is the person who welcomes the consultant to his/her home, even receiving gift kits called “BEA” (the Special Gift for the Hostess).

In the 80’s and 90’s, Tupperware launched healthy production concepts, which increased its fame even more: the products are manufactured without harming the environment; the leftover material is recycled; the utensils are created by uniting the original aesthetics, functionality, as well as quality and durability created by Earl Tupper.

Where to buy Tupperware

Through the brand’s Virtual Catalog, it is possible to know the products, check all the news of the period and prices.

On the website itself it is possible to easily find a consultant through a Tupperware Distributor. Just enter your zip code, city or address.

There are also stores that sell online, for example:

In the gallery below you can see some examples of Tupperware products:

The product line is extensive and can also be checked in detail on the Tupperware website. And if you want to know the products personally and understand what each one is for, you can also book an experience with a consultant.

How to become a Tupperware reseller

On the website itself, just click on I want to resell, where you will fill out a registration showing your interest in working with the brand.

Another option, according to Vanessa, is to look for a consultant and/or leader closest to you. “The search for the official Tupperware website has also been very effective, in the case of regions where it is difficult to find a consultant”, she adds.

After that, the step by step is as follows, according to the entrepreneurial leader:

  1. When registering, CPF, RG and proof of address are requested; the person fills out a form with basic personal information.
  2. The leader holds a launch meeting at the future consultant’s house, demonstrating the products to her friends and guests and making practical and quick recipes.
  3. With this meeting it is possible to place a first order and then join Tupperware as a consultant.

“There are numerous training and courses to learn how to use the parts. Tupperware is very concerned about this. Well-informed consultants have customers who are aware of the proper use of parts. Satisfied customer is paramount!”, highlights the leader.

My experience has been very productive and increasingly passionate.

According to Vanessa, the gain is defined by the consultant herself. “She decides how much she wants to earn and how much effort she needs to put in to achieve her focus. We have a product, we have people and we have the sales process, which are the famous meetings in the homes of housewives,” she says.

Vanessa says that she has been working at Tupperware for almost 2 years. “When I got to know the brand and the products through a consultant, I ended up being delighted with the pieces and impressed with the top quality they present. That’s when I decided to become a consultant and work with these products,” she says.

“My experience has been very productive and increasingly exciting. Almost 1 year ago I became an Entrepreneurial Leader and formed my own team. Since then, my focus has been much greater on Tupperware. I made working with this brand my main income”, adds Vanessa.

4 brands that work with plastic products

Other brands work with plastic utensils for the kitchen and home in general. Some examples are:

  1. bake
  2. Sanremo
  3. plausible
  4. Plasvale

Thus, it is up to each person to choose the brand that suits them best in terms of aesthetics, functionality, differentials and price.

Regarding Tupperware, now you know a little more about the history, the work of the resellers and the differentials of the products that are successful all over the world! If you are interested in buying the utensils and/or working with the brand, go to the website and look for the consultant closest to you!

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