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True Love Test: 22 Questions to Recognize It!


If you have a partner and want to find out if they’re compatible or how long they might last, this true love test is perfect for you!

In just 22 questions, you’ll find out how much compatibility you have with your love and how many aspects of each influence your relationship.


The test is divided into parts according to the subject requested. So, if you’re ready, keep going down and take the test!

Take a pen, a pencil or write down the number of your answer on your cell phone/computer and at the end we will give you the result of the questions.

Question 1: How long did your longest relationship last before entering this current one?

  1. It lasted a long time, I am a person of stable and serious relationships, and generally lasting.
  2. I don’t have a lot of long relationships, years or months, but I usually try to look for stability.
  3. I had never been in a relationship before, or one that lasted longer than a week or a month. I don’t think it had happened, because it wasn’t worth it and it always ended. With this person, I think I’m breaking my record for time with a couple.
  4. I haven’t been in a steady relationship in a long time, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever been in a real relationship, I didn’t think I could make it happen and I still don’t know if I can. I don’t like to feel connected to anything or anyone, although it’s true that sometimes loneliness is worse.

Question 2: Do you remember how you and your love met?

  1. We’ve known each other since childhood, I don’t remember exactly how we met.
  2. We met at a place we both frequented (or frequented) a lot.
  3. Our friends introduced us because we have mutual friendships.
  4. It was by chance, we met at a place I went at the insistence of a friend.

Question 3: Were you friends before you were dating?

  1. Yes, as long as I can remember we’ve been friends, we’ve been to the same places and we’ve always shared things together.
  2. We were friends for a while before we decided to be a couple, while we were getting to know each other.
  3. We weren’t friends before, but we got along well.
  4. By no means did we hate each other to death before we were a couple, he/she seemed like an annoying and unbearable person until i got to know him/her better.

Question 4: Nowadays, besides being a couple, are you also friends?

  1. Of course, friendship first. We tell each other what happens in our lives, we discuss everything and we have excellent communication, we even ask each other for advice as close friends, because that’s who we are too.
  2. Yes, we may not be each other’s best friends, but we are friends and we have the other person’s unconditional support.
  3. Well, I wouldn’t say friends, but I know I can count on them whenever I need them and vice versa.
  4. It depends on the concept of friendship you have, I would say we are something like colleagues who share a more intimate relationship, but I have my friends and he/she has his/hers.

Question 5: What places do you usually go to have fun?

  1. It doesn’t matter where we go if we’re together, that’s reason enough to have fun.
  2. We go to different places, always trying to balance each other’s preferences and respect different opinions, and adapt to enjoy what the other likes.
  3. Sometimes we go to places he/she likes to go and I don’t enjoy it like he/she does, but I try to have fun and share the moment because we are a couple and I think the exact same thing happens when we go to places of my preference.
  4. He/she goes out with his/her friends and I with mine and we have a lot of fun together, or we go somewhere new and neutral, outside of which we prefer each separately.

Question 6: When you argue, what happens after the argument is over?

  1. We almost never argue, because when I’m stressed he calms me down and the same happens in reverse. We dialogue more than we argue. If we exchange a few barbs, we always end up making amends and apologizing.
  2. We try to fix this in the moment, without the argument getting ugly and without hurting each other with insults or hurtful words.
  3. Sometimes we can’t resolve the situation and we get angry with each other, but after a while we end up fixing it. Although, oftentimes, discussion of the same problem also occurs when we try to solve it.
  4. We can spend a day or two quarreling, even living in the same space, and barely talk to each other, but only because neither of us gives in and we’re so stubborn.

Question 7: If you have to decide something together, how do you do it?

  1. We sit down to talk and decide together, whatever it is. Sometimes we don’t need to talk much, because just by looking at each other we already know what the other is thinking and we agree. We easily agree.
  2. Sometimes we find it difficult to agree, but we talk about it and between the two of us we reach a consensus, always respecting the other’s opinion.
  3. It may take a long time to agree, because everyone thinks differently, but in the end we try to find a solution for everything.
  4. We almost never agree on anything.

Question 8: What kind of food does everyone like to eat?

  1. We love to try new things in culinary matters, so if there’s a taste that one of you knows, the other is willing to try it! If we decide to go eat somewhere, we have no problem choosing the place.
  2. We have similar culinary tastes, which have never been an issue for us, although everyone has their own preferences.
  3. We don’t share many tastes in terms of food, because we are very different, but we always respect each other.
  4. We are totally different right now. If we go to a restaurant and I order a salad, he/she wants a sirloin. If I want Italian food, he/she wants Japanese. It’s a little tricky to choose a place to have dinner.

Question 9: Do you share a common hobby?

  1. Yes many; We like to almost always do the same things.
  2. Some, and those we didn’t share before being a couple, are now common, because we adapt to each other. But of course there are some that are unique to each other.
  3. Some yes, but not most, we have hobbies separately.
  4. Almost none of my hobbies coincide with his or her and vice versa.

Question 10: Do you both like pets?

  1. Yes, we both love animals. / No, we don’t like any of them.
  2. I like dogs and he/she likes cats, but in general we like animals.
  3. I’ve never had pets, but he/she has a dog/cat, so I make an effort to deal with the animal, because I don’t think I can change that about him/her.
  4. He/she likes animals, it doesn’t matter if they are mammals, reptiles, birds, fish… I, on the other hand, don’t know how to deal with animals and I’m very disgusted/afraid of insects and crawling animals.


Question 11: What about sex? How do you feel about sexual intimacy?

  1. We understand each other a lot, he/she knows what I like and I know how to please him/her. We look for ways to get to know each other in sexual matters and we are always looking to do new things in bed.
  2. Sometimes he wants more than I do, sometimes I want more. We are learning to have fun, with patience and a lot of care and respect.
  3. Sometimes I don’t understand what he/she wants and I know the same thing happens because he/she doesn’t find the exact way to make me feel satisfied, but sometimes we achieve total magical harmony.
  4. We like different things in sexual matters. I’m bolder and he’s calmer, calmer, in his own way. Whenever we manage to balance these points, we work very well in bed!

Question 12: Physically, what attracts you to him/her the most?

  1. Absolutely everything.
  2. I especially like his face, his lips and his eyes, that’s what made me fall in love with him/her.
  3. Well, I’m actually physically attracted to him/her, but it’s true that he/she needs to exercise more and improve some things to look better.
  4. I’ve never been attracted to people with physical characteristics like him/her. People like him/her were never “my type”, but inexplicably here I am being his/her partner and he/she is mine.

Question 13: What does he like most about you about your physical appearance?

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s all, because I’ve never heard complaints and, yes, countless compliments. He/she likes my appearance and my physique, I am very attracted to him/her.
  2. I think he likes my physique a lot, that he is attracted to me, otherwise he would not be with me. I received some criticism for aspects that I have to improve and I even signed up to a gym, but nothing so serious that it diminishes his/her attraction to me.
  3. He/she criticizes me a lot about things that can improve my physique, but I know it’s for my good, or at least I believe it.
  4. I know he/she has never been with a person like me, at least in a serious relationship. I think his ideal person doesn’t have the same body or face as me and he/she would like me to look more like this prototype, but we’re still together.


Question 14: What do you like most about him/her about his/her personality?

  1. Everything, I like the way he/she is inside and out. I know he’s not perfect, I know he has a lot to improve and he has flaws, but that’s something I love about him. He/she is the man/woman of my dreams as he/she is.
  2. There are certainly things I like more than others, but I still wouldn’t change a thing, because that makes him/her who he/she is. I also know that with time it will mature a little more and some things will change for the better.
  3. I know I’m sometimes a little harsh and even demanding about his/her faults or things I don’t like about him/her, but I do this so he/she will be a better person in the future and for the good of the relationship.
  4. There are a lot of things I don’t like about him/her about his/her personality, because I’m not blind and I see his/her faults as he/she can see mine, but that’s not an impediment to the relationship moving forward, at least as long as we don’t discuss it.

Question 15: Would you like to change something about his/her personality or physique?

  1. No, because then it would no longer be him/her, but someone else. I know he/she has to improve many things, but I don’t need to radically change them.
  2. Some small details I would change, but only for the sake of the relationship, because he/she would also change some traits of mine that I know he/she doesn’t like so much.
  3. I would definitely change a few things if I could because it would make you more attractive to me and less flawed to improve the relationship.
  4. Many things, but without losing the essence of what it is, because I like it that way.

Question 16: How is your relationship with his/her family?

  1. Great.
  2. Good
  3. Not so good.
  4. Terrible.

Question 17: How is his/her relationship with his/her family?

  1. Great.
  2. Good
  3. Not so good.
  4. Terrible.

Question 18: What do you think about having children?

  1. We both like children. / We don’t like children.
  2. We like to…

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