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Trichologist explains if washing your hair every day is bad and how to wash it correctly

It is well known that people with oily hair tend to clean their strands daily. But is washing your hair every day bad for you? The physician and trichologist Dr. Márcia Cecilio (CRM/SP 48542), scientific director of Instituto do Cabelo, clarified this doubt and gave tips on how to take care of hair. Check out!

Is washing your hair every day bad for you?

The trichologist reported that washing your hair every day is okay. On the contrary, it is an ideal procedure for most people. According to the expert, “practically 85% of people have oily hair or oily scalp, so this oil accumulates on the scalp if you don’t clean it daily.”

In addition, the professional explained that not cleaning the hair often “can cause itching, flaking, prevent the passage of hair strands and their normal growth, in addition to generating a bad odor on the scalp”.

What is the correct frequency to wash your hair?

There is a myth that washing your hair every day is bad for you, however Dr. Márcia explains that, for those who have oily hair and roots, the ideal is to wash their hair every day. “Spending more than two or three days without washing your hair, in addition to being unhygienic, can accumulate bacteria and fungi, causing itching and flaking, in addition to being harmful to the health of the hair and scalp”.

However, the expert said that “there is a small percentage of the population with very dry scalp and hair, so these people can wash their hair every other day.” That is, the ideal frequency depends on the needs of your hair.

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Tips for washing your hair properly

If you still have doubts about it, then check out the professional’s tips to wash your hair correctly and effectively:

  • Choose a product line suitable for your hair type, so it will look better;
  • Usually, the ideal is to use a cleansing shampoo, conditioner and mask. The last mentioned product can be used once a week;
  • Wash your hair with very cold water, as hot water makes the scalp more oily and stimulates the formation of oil in the region;
  • Don’t use too much shampoo, just put a little in the palm of your hand and it’s enough for hygiene;
  • Apply the shampoo to the roots, let it run along the strands and throw in plenty of cold water to rinse;
  • To spread the shampoo, use your fingertips and massage the scalp gently, as massaging with force can injure the region and cause wounds;
  • Don’t untangle your hair while showering, as this practice can pull out strands that wouldn’t fall out. Therefore, apply a combing cream and comb the hair when it is almost dry;
  • Do not apply the conditioner and mask directly to the roots to avoid leaving the hair looking dirty and oily. That is, always apply these products from the ear down;
  • It is not necessary to leave the conditioner and mask on for some time, as nowadays most products are made with particles that penetrate the hair fiber;
  • Dry your hair gently with a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt to avoid damaging the strands. In addition, if you are going to dry your hair with a hairdryer, apply a leave-in to protect the wires from temperature.
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Now that you know that washing your hair every day is not harmful, just follow the expert’s recommendations to take care of your hair and scalp. For that, learn more about neutral shampoo and how to use this product!

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