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Tragus piercing: the charm of a versatile and affordable jewelry

But what is tragus anyway? Well, you know that cartilage that is just above the earlobe? That pointy part that sticks out is the tragus. In addition to being a very suitable place to put jewelry, this small part of the body has the function of capturing the noises behind you. Very useful, no?

The tragus piercing has become a trend, especially among women, as it is easy to put on and gives an extra charm to the look. The accessory, discreet by itself, fulfills a good role both alone and accompanied by other earrings and accessories.

26 tragus piercing photos to inspire you

Jewelry in gold, silver, with rhinestones, with crystals, in the shape of a flower, butterfly and everything else that the imagination sends. There are several different models available in the market for all tastes and styles. Get a taste of this variety in the images:

1. Tragus piercing can be just a discreet accessory

2. A touch of shine

3. A speck of light

4. Or an addition to your set of various accessories

5. The microbell model is the most chosen

6. The classic ball can shine like gold

7. Like silver

8. Or be a discreet black dot

9. No matter the color, the microbell is a charm

10. But there are also many options for those who want to get away from the classic

11. There’s something for everyone

12. Like a delicate blue flower

13. A leaky flower

14. And a butterfly with crystals

15. It has options to match all styles

16. From the vintage

17. To punk

18. And even the most exotic

19. The best thing is that there is no maximum age to rock

20. And no rules

21. So choose a jewelry that matches your taste

22. Be a hoop

23. A horseshoe

24. In the form of a sheet

25. Or too bright

26. Dare without fear to be happy

Isn’t it fall in love? But before you rush out to get your tragus piercing, stay here to understand all about this type of piercing.

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Frequently asked questions about tragus piercing

It is common for doubts to arise about how the procedure is done, what is the level of pain, the price, among other issues. Therefore, we asked the body piercer, tattoo artist and aesthetic pigmentation, Maitê Machado, everything you need to know to get the tragus piercing safely and peacefully.

“There are several important factors, from choosing the studio, which must be clean like a medical clinic, to the processes after drilling.” For her, when taking all the necessary care, the chance of giving some reaction or rejection in the body drops to almost zero. Check out!

How is the placement?

With sterile forceps, the body piercer demarcates the area and uses a disposable catheter to make the puncture. Then, insert the surgical steel or titanium piercing, which is a very light material and with the least possibility of rejection. The process itself is very fast, taking just a few minutes to complete.

It hurts?

Although each person has a perception of pain, tragus perforation is not considered one of the most painful because the region contains few nerve endings. So, if you hit that little fear, relax, besides being very fast, it’s a bearable pain. It is also normal to feel uncomfortable in the following days.

How much?

A market average is R$50 to R$80, usually including drilling and basic surgical steel jewelry. However, each place works differently, so you will find places that charge a separate piercing service. Prices can also vary greatly depending on the region.

It’s safe?

Very safe if done by a trained professional and with the appropriate and sterilized material. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection with tetanus and hepatitis B and C, so it is also important to be up to date with vaccinations.

In addition, it is possible to cause infections of different degrees by skin bacteria, as there is a wound on the skin. But they can be avoided with the care that you will see below and, if the infection occurs – if it is linked to the symptoms: swelling, pain, redness, pus and bleeding – immediately seek the help of a doctor.

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Are there any contraindications?

Yup. People who have a history of developing keloids are not advised to get pierced. However, if there is excessive growth of fibrous tissue after the perforation, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, who will indicate the best treatment for each situation. If sought quickly, it is possible to heal without having to remove the jewel.

Now that the main doubts are clarified and you’ve decided that you’re going to get a tragus piercing, here’s how to make sure the new accessory is accepted and well adapted to your body.

Essential care for your piercing

As with any region of the body, tragus piercing needs specific care. According to body piercer Maitê Machado, cleaning must be impeccable so as not to run the risk of developing an abscess, a serious inflammation that makes it impossible for the jewelry to remain in place.

The specialist told all the care that must be taken, especially in the first 30 days after the perforation, which are crucial for healing. Following all the steps, the chance of rejection is minimal:

In the first 30 days

Hygiene: always wash your hands before touching the area and, when showering, use liquid antibacterial soap to wash the entire area.

Cleaning: 4 times a day, clean the skin around the piercing with saline solution, apply antiseptic and then dry the jewelry with the help of a cotton swab.

Food: avoid eating pork, seafood, chocolate, peanuts, pepper, eggs in excess and hot and caloric foods such as fried foods. They all encourage the production of pimples, which can inflame the piercing. In addition, some people do not know they are allergic and during healing the body is more sensitive to having reactions.

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Where to avoid: do not enter swimming pools, saunas, waterfalls, the sea and any other environment with a lot of humidity, as it can infect the perforation that is still open. If it is impossible to avoid contact, as soon as you leave the water or a damp environment, immediately carry out the entire cleaning process on the tragus and jewelry.

Attention: under no circumstances remove the piercing without the help of a professional, because the skin needs to be 100% healed so as not to cause trauma or inflammation.

after healing

Be careful when sleeping: until the first 60 days, avoid lying with your head over the piercing so as not to put pressure on the region.

Maintain hygiene: even after healing, it is necessary to always keep the area and jewelry in good hygiene conditions.

Gem replacement: after 30 days, the tragus is ready to receive a new gem. Never place a material that has an unknown origin, as it may contain components, such as nickel, that cause irritation or inflammation. Know that even in gold it is possible to have nickel. Select a reliable place to buy the jewelry and also ensure that it is sterilized.

It was noticed that all these precautions are essential for healing to be healthy and not become a problem. So, be patient and pay attention at each stage, because soon it will be possible to have a normal life and with new jewelry whenever you want to improve the look.

Now you can run out to get your tragus piercing done. Remember the guidelines, look for a reliable body piercer and throw yourself into the new look with health and safety. Oh, be sure to share your experience here in the comments!

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