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Tote bag: 30 photos that will encourage you to insert the piece into your looks

The tote bag is a bag that resembles a tote bag and is extremely practical. It usually doesn’t have a zipper, has two short parallel handles and plenty of room for you to carry whatever you want. Minimalist, it is still versatile: it combines with a stripped and also more elegant look. Want to learn how to use it? So, check out the images below:

1. The black tote bag is a wildcard

2. It matches with different looks

3. And it’s perfect for a neutral look

4. Be for everyday life

5. Or even for a more elegant look

6. She can only rely on short straps

7. And also with a transversal

8. Another sure alternative is the brown tote bag

9. Because this is also a discreet tone

10. And it can be easily combined

11. There are fun models

12. And that guarantee an extra charm to the look

13. It has a fabric tote bag

14. And even plastic

15. There are options with a more beachy feel

16. Which go very well with summer

17. Even to be used in the city

18. And that go well with a casual look

19. The tote bag is very versatile

20. And it can still be extremely useful

21. After all, there’s plenty of room

22. This makes it easy to load your objects

23. And take advantage of all the usefulness of the piece

24. Not to mention that she can enhance her look

25. The same tote bag model yields different proposals

26. So, regardless of your style

27. You can try to fit it into the look

28. And get a stylish result

29. Be with a differentiated small model

30. Or with a larger tote bag, which is more traditional

As you can see, the tote bag is a sure-fire piece, whether for outings, for work or even more formal occasions. And if you like a lot of practicality, check out how to compose a successful casual look.

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