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Tips for keeping your freezer organized

A well-organized freezer, in addition to making life easier when taking something out of it, is also essential to maintain the quality of food and keep it free from bacteria and contamination.

Nowadays, the lack of time and the need to have everything quickly and always at hand, contributes to the increase of frozen products available on the market. In addition to meat, fish and poultry, there is a large number of pasta of the most varied types, ready meals, sausages, desserts, fruits, vegetables and even drinks.

The day-to-day rush also makes housewives prepare food in large quantities and leave everything in the freezer to speed up meal preparation. Freezing food, including leftovers, is also a way to avoid waste by keeping food fresh in taste, color and aroma.

In this way, the usefulness of the freezer becomes unquestionable, both for those who have a large family and for those who live alone, as well as the need to keep it always organized and with the food preserved in the correct way.

To give you a hand and help you with this task, we’ve selected some useful tips that you can start putting into practice today.


The first step in organizing the freezer is cleaning, a process that must be done at least every six months to maintain the quality of the food and also to prolong the life of the appliance.

Cleaning should always be done with the freezer unplugged from the socket and never with it on, so the ideal is to do it on cleaning days and take the opportunity to clean the entire refrigerator. If your freezer is a Frost Free model, it will not produce ice, otherwise, you will have to wait for it to defrost, remove the water residues, and then start cleaning.

The most suitable solution for cleaning the freezer is made using 1 tablespoon of baking soda mixed in 1 liter of warm water. Baking soda has bactericidal action and also eliminates mold.

You should apply the solution with a clean cloth and then dry completely. Never use products such as alcohol, removers, solvents, vinegar and chemicals and detergent. Once completely clean and dry, you can plug the freezer back in.


If your freezer has drawers, the tip is to separate the foods in each of them divided by categories, that is, one drawer for meat, another for pasta, another for vegetables, another for sweets and desserts and so on. This prevents bacterial contamination and odors and tastes from mixing. Try to keep ready meals separate from raw ones as well.

If your freezer does not have drawers, you can make this separation with the help of small baskets or even with plastic pots and packaging.


One way to optimize freezer space is to give up the original packaging of some products, especially cardboard ones, to increase the internal storage capacity. For this, it is essential that you keep the expiration date of the product on the plastic packaging. You can write down or label the product so you don’t run the risk of going past the date indicated for consumption.

When choosing the packaging, give preference to those that are suitable for going in the freezer. On the market, there are several disposable or non-disposable options.


Separating food into small portions at the time of freezing facilitates the defrosting process and prevents you from defrosting a larger amount than will be used, because once thawed, ideally they do not return to the freezer.

Chicken fillets, fish and steaks must be placed individually in plastic bags, but be careful to remove the air inside the packages, so as not to interfere with freezing. The same process can be done with ground beef, separating it into small amounts and placing it in small plastic bags.

Beans, sauces, broths and soups should be divided into the necessary portions for consumption in plastic pots with lids that completely seal the air inlet.


Organize foods in order of expiration date, leaving those that expire first in more visible and easily accessible locations. That way you don’t forget about it and also avoid having to take several other things out of the way until you get to what you really want. Another tip is to place the fillets side by side horizontally.

If you overcrowd the freezer, it can compromise its capacity and make it difficult for air to circulate, so before shopping, make sure you have space available.

Always remember that not all food can be frozen and all of them have a time limit for staying in the freezer. By following these tips and keeping your food at a temperature of -18 degrees or below, you will always keep your food with the expected quality and taste.

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