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Tips for having clothes made by a seamstress

Our grandmothers and mothers are from times when the options of available fashion stores were limited. Therefore, replicating models of personalities and designer pieces, for example, party dresses (usually expensive and difficult to fit), became an outlet still used today.

Who has never been in love with a certain piece of clothing displayed in a magazine or even on the internet pages and couldn’t find it to buy? And more: What woman has never been enchanted by a certain expensive piece from a store, and hasn’t bought it?

Well then. In cases like these, one of the solutions is to “get it done”. Thus, some steps must be adopted for a successful result. How about looking for a good seamstress to make your dream piece tailored and less expensive? Here are some valuable tips to assist in this process:

1) Find the ideal model: Search for inspiration images to exemplify the model you want, and present it to the seamstress. It is also worth drawing and, if you master the subject, punctuate technical details of the piece. Otherwise, choose a photo or even, if possible, take the model of the piece that you like.

2) Look for a good professional: If you already have a reliable seamstress, great. However, if you don’t have it or have never used this service, look for word of mouth recommendations from friends, well-known stores or the internet. Then schedule a visit and review the clothes she makes. – Some have images of their clients wearing their creations. Observe the fit and finish of the pieces, and then close the deal.

3) Choose the fabric: When visiting the seamstress and choosing your work, consult her about which fabric to buy, as well as the size. – This, defined according to the model chosen and its measurements taken by the professional. Also, ask for suggestions on which stores have the most variety and best price. Fabric stores do not accept returns, so be careful with your choice.

4) Finishing the process: After purchasing the fabric and other necessary materials, go to the seamstress, check if there will be proofs, and attention: When you need clothes for a special occasion, pay attention to the delivery date, computing which proofs may be necessary, and more, these professionals tend to have a lot of service at certain times of the year, such as in the months of May, when many weddings are held, and from December to February, during the holidays, Christmas, New Year and graduations. So, plan ahead and move on.

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