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Tips for choosing the perfect bridal shoe and 10 models to imagine yourself on your big day

For many, marriage is one of the most special dates in a person’s life. To fully celebrate, the bride’s look needs to be in line with the event. In this way, the shoe is as important a piece as the dress, as together they create the charming composition. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, see some tips to select the best bridal shoe and then get inspired by photos of some models.

How to choose bridal shoes

The bridal shoe is an accessory that helps to enhance the look as a whole. But, in addition to beauty, you need to consider comfort, models and even the weather. Some details are minimal, but they make a big difference. For this reason, here are some tips for you to consider and reflect on when making your choice:

First, prioritize comfort

Choosing comfortable bridal shoes is essential for walking down the aisle and celebrating your wedding with elegance. It’s no use having a beautiful shoe and not being able to keep it on your feet, so a model that fits well, is light and makes you feel safe will be ideal.

Buy bridal shoes in advance

To make sure your choice is really worth it, buy the shoe at least 3 months before the ceremony. In fact, prefer to try the model in the late afternoon, as your feet are more tired and, with that, you can get an idea of ​​what the experience with it will be like before the big day.

Consider the time and location

It is interesting that the shoe corresponds with the time and place of the wedding, as it also needs to be in harmony with the external environment. If the ceremony is during the day and in the field, for example, it is possible to use low and more open models. Already in night ceremonies and held in event houses, you can bet on taller and more closed models.

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Consider the season that the ceremony will take place

The season of the year can also have a big influence on the choice of bridal shoes. A ceremony scheduled for winter calls for a more closed model, precisely to protect the bride’s feet from the cold. Summer weddings allow for a more open model to avoid heat and sweaty feet.

keep your style

Last but not least, the style! Keeping the bride’s personal taste is very important to convey her essence. Style is also comfort, so if the bride is used to wearing flat shoes, the ideal is that the choice is in accordance with that. Remember that you don’t have to change your essence to fit into patterns, okay? The important thing is to choose what you like.

Did you like the tips? Through them you can ensure that the wedding day is recorded in memory with great happiness and not with foot pain! To help you choose, move on to the next topic and get inspired by models that illustrate these tips perfectly.

10 bridal shoe photos to inspire your choice

In the selection of photos below, you will see from classic models to more alternative bridal shoe options. There is no rule for choosing the item you will wear on your feet, so feel free to be inspired by the following ideas:

1. For more comfort, opt for thick heels

2. Or a button-up model, as they make your feet more secure

3. Some details make all the difference

4. Remember the importance of keeping the style?

5. Some brides don’t give up their personal tastes

6. Therefore, it is extremely important to respect your style

7. You can still customize your shoe, making it your own

8. Vibrant colors and a high heel might be the perfect match for you

9. The half paw model is classic and elegant

10. Shine on your wedding with the model you love the most

Beautiful inspirations, huh? And it has for the most varied styles and tastes. To help you even more in this very special quest, here are some tips on stores to buy your wedding shoes.

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where to buy bridal shoes

It is not always easy to find shoe models for a wedding. To facilitate this process, go to some stores that offer pieces full of charm and that may be exactly what you are looking for. Check out:

  1. Dafiti
  2. Posthaus
  3. Mr. Cat
  4. Lez to Lez
  5. Studio Z

One more beautiful than the other, right? Select according to your style and don’t forget to buy in advance. Finally, if you want more information to help you choose, go to the next topic.

More information about choosing a wedding shoe

If you already have a shoe that you love and want to customize it, in the next videos you will find ideas for customizing your own bridal shoe. In addition to DIY’s, there are still valuable tips on how to choose the ideal model. Look:

Customize your wedding shoes yourself

Do you like customization and using items made by your own hands? If you’re interested in this idea, check out this video from Evelin. You will learn how to create a very delicate and elegant bridal shoe with few items. Of course, you can reproduce the model – if you like – or be inspired by this idea. See the result directly in the video.

How to choose and innovate your bridal shoe

In the video by stylist Danielle Benício you will check out valuable tips for choosing the shoes that will take you to the altar. It seems very difficult to decide which style, color and whether it will be shiny or not, but don’t worry, because the expert will present you with several ideas. Check out!

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Important details to decide the style of your bridal shoe

With Luciana’s help, it will be easier to decide which shoe model to wear at your wedding. In addition, she shows some styles and explains in detail about each one, always bringing you valuable tips.

Now that you know the main details to choose your bridal shoe, your search can start with models that you know represent your style. Take the opportunity to check out tips on the most important piece of the ceremony, the wedding dresses.

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