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Tilapia ceviche: 10 recipes to indulge in the Peruvian dish

Tilapia ceviche is a light and refreshing dish that goes very well with hot days. Its preparation consists of combining cubes of fresh fish with citrus juice and spices. Plus, this is an easy dish to make at home. To help you in the process, just check out the recipes below and choose your favorite.

1. Plain tilapia ceviche

This is a simple recipe, but it can be a big hit on your table. To try it at home, you will only use fresh tilapia, red onion, chili pepper, cilantro, lemon and salt. In addition, you check out a tip to keep the dish cold during preparation.

2. Tilapia ceviche with chili pepper

Another practical option to test in your kitchen, this recipe has ingredients very similar to the previous one. The difference lies in the addition of olive oil and the choice of pepper: here, the chilli pepper comes into play. If you like a spicy flavor, it’s worth checking out all the preparation details in the video.

3. Tilapia Ceviche with Ginger

It’s not just pepper that adds spiciness to dishes, ginger is another ingredient that guarantees this result. In this recipe, these two items are used, which makes the flavor of the dish very interesting. In addition to the ingredients mentioned and the tilapia, you will still need cilantro, garlic, red onion, celery and lemon to test this option.

4. Tilapia ceviche with arugula and sun-dried tomato

Want to spice up your ceviche without complications in the kitchen? For this, arugula and sun-dried tomatoes can be great allies. These ingredients combine very well with each other, as well as with tilapia. However, they should only be used to finish the dish.

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5. Tilapia with corn ceviche

Even though it’s simple, this is a good recipe for those who want an extra touch of flavor for their ceviche. For this, boiled corn is part of the preparation. The other ingredients needed to make this version are: tilapia, lemon, red onion, chili pepper and cilantro. Liked? So, see the complete step by step.

6. Tilapia ceviche with zest and orange juice

In this recipe, two citrus fruits are used in the preparation of ceviche: lemon and orange. With this, the result is a delicious combination of flavors that still shows how the details can make all the difference.

7. Tilapia Ceviche with Lemon

Sicilian lemon is more aromatic and less acidic than Tahiti. This makes the ceviche even lighter. If this is the result you are looking for, check out all the preparation tips in the video.

8. Tilapia Ceviche with Sweet Potato

Get a dish with irresistible texture contrast. Here, while the ceviche is tender and juicy, the sweet potato accompaniment is very crispy. Not to mention this combination of flavors that is pure success.

9. Tilapia Ceviche with Tiger’s Milk

In this recipe, you learn how to prepare a version of ceviche with tiger milk, which is nothing more than a broth made with tilapia, lemon and seasonings blended in a blender. The tip is to use the thinnest ends of the fish for this. The result of this version of the dish is similar to a cocktail.

10. Tilapia ceviche in corn tortilla

To close the list, a different proposal to serve your ceviche. Here, it is used as a topping for corn tortillas. This makes this a great order to serve when you have guests over. To test the recipe, see the preparation method.

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See how easy this dish is to make at home? It’s really hard to choose which recipe to try first. But before you run to the kitchen, why not check out some grilled salmon recipes? So you can enjoy different fish.

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