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Tiffany Blue: the dream color for your wedding

“Tiffany Blue” is the popular name for the shade of turquoise blue associated with the famous American jeweler Tiffany & Co. from New York.

Related to the prestigious brand, the color soon became one of the options for the decorations of the most varied parties, especially weddings, due to its romantic and delicate appeal.

Couples who seek this profile in the look of the party can bet on color to highlight the details of the decoration or even to be the big stars in the decor item.

Another option is to add tone to the details of the looks of the bride, groom and even the bridesmaids, bridesmaids and pages. It is worth noting that Tiffany blue suits both outdoor ceremonies or on the beach, as well as more traditional ceremonies in churches and ballrooms.

If you chose Tiffany blue for your big day, get inspired by several ideas for how to use the tone at the ceremony listed below.

Bride & Groom: Tiffany Blue accents

Parts of the key couple’s look for the celebration may contain elements in Tiffany blue. For the bride, the shoe, the nail polish and the bouquet can bring the color, enriching the all-white dress, or, if the bride is more daring, she can opt for Tiffany for the dress itself. In the case of the groom, using the tie and lapel details in blue is also an option.

Bridesmaids dresses in Tiffany blue

Another way to include Tiffany blue prominently in your ceremony is to dress the bridesmaids and bridesmaids in the color. And even the page who accompanies the lady can also have the tone in the look, as well as the groom, in the bow and lapel.

Sweets and wedding cake

In addition to clothes and accessories, Tiffany blue can also be used in making sweets, well-married and even cakes. But it is important to keep in mind that the “dosage” of the tone must be in harmony with the entire decor.

That is, if the decor is more neutral, you can use stronger and predominant tones in sweets and cakes. However, if Tiffany blue is already strongly present in the decoration, the ideal is to use softer tones of Tiffany blue or even adopt it only in the details to avoid an exaggerated composition.

stationery and souvenirs

Invitations, party favors, guest name cards and all other stationery-related items can also be made in Tiffany blue. It is worth combining it with the traditional white, with gray tones, with brown or even with coral. The important thing is to maintain harmony with the rest of the elements of the wedding.

Tiffany blue in wedding decor

Tiffany blue, when used in the decoration of the wedding party, gives the environment an ethereal and romantic air, ideal for couples who want to invest in a delicate ceremony. As in the other elements, in the decoration, the use of color must be done in a harmonious way. Therefore, the ideal is to hire a responsible and tasteful decoration team. This will ensure that your party will have a balanced decor, with the correct use of color, which will avoid a heavy and exaggeratedly blue environment.

For example, it is suggested to avoid doing “everything blue”. Blue dress, blue groom’s tie, bridesmaids with blue, all blue decor, blue sweets and Tiffany blue in everything possible. What makes decoration beautiful is using color appropriately and not arbitrarily in all the objects and elements that make up the whole. Invest in a good decorator or carefully plan your use of Tiffany Blue and your celebration will look as beautiful as you’ve always dreamed of.

Where to buy Tiffany Blue products?

In Brazil, it is possible to find products in this color in physical craft stores or online. There are even those who make Tiffany blue stationery and customize whatever you need. Check out some online stores here and abroad that may have what you want for your party:

Stationery stores that specialize in weddings may also have Tiffany blue options in their portfolio. In this sense, it is worth investing in a good designer so that the stationery matches the rest of the decor and has the quality you expect.

More inspirations for you

In addition to the numerous ideas you can find here, you can also check out other options on sites like Pinterest and on wedding blogs. Look:

Choose your favorite inspirations, talk to the groom and your wedding planner and hire good professionals to ensure that Tiffany blue is well presented at your wedding, exactly as you always dreamed of.

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