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Thyme: why and how to include it in your diet

You’ve probably used thyme to add flavor to some of your dishes. But if you haven’t already, you’ll love to know that, in addition to offering health benefits, this herb can give a special touch to the most varied foods, such as meats, fish, soups, breads and even cakes, drinks and sweets!

Behavioral nutritionist Patrícia Cruz, Master in Health Sciences from the Faculty of Public Health of the University of São Paulo (USP), specialist in nutrition and eating disorders, comments that thyme is a plant originally from Europe and cultivated in the South and Southeast of Brazil. . “The young leaves and branches are used in cooking as a condiment and aromatic herb,” she says.

With the scientific name “Thymus vulgaris”, thyme is easily found in specialized stores and/or supermarkets, in addition, it can be grown without any problems in a vegetable garden. It is worth mentioning that its cultivation is best in hot climates and with a good amount of sun during the year.

Thyme also gives rise to thyme essential oil, easily found on sale, and with interesting properties for health and beauty in general. Its most common use is through aromatherapy.

I know the health benefits that thyme can offer, learn how to use it and get inspired by delicious recipes that have it as a star.

thyme benefits

Being a great ally in the preparation of recipes is not the only characteristic that makes thyme special. Check out the benefits it can offer below (both for health, for your home and, of course, for your dishes):

Prevention of chronic diseases: Patrícia explains that the essential oil called thymol, extracted from dry leaves, has microbial and antioxidant activity (flavonoids and tannins), which are responsible for preventing non-communicable chronic diseases.

Combating respiratory problems: the nutritionist highlights that tea made from dried or fresh herbs is used in conditions such as bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Boosting Immunity: Thyme is a source of vitamin C and vitamin A. Thus, consuming this herb frequently can contribute to boosting immunity and improving health in general.

Combating acne: with antibacterial properties, thyme essential oil can be an ally in the fight against acne.

Fighting mildew: with fungicidal properties, thyme essential oil can be used as a “disinfectant” in homes where there is a certain concentration of mold.

Wound care: With its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, thyme essential oil can be used to treat minor wounds.

Repellent power: with a penetrating aroma, thyme oil is still widely used as an insect repellent.

Prevention against anemia: source of iron, frequent consumption of thyme can help raise the levels of hemoglobin in the blood, preventing anemia.

Versatility in cooking: thyme can be easily used in food preparation, giving a special touch to the most varied dishes, such as meats, fish, soups, breads and even sweets.

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Now you certainly have good reasons to include thyme in your everyday life!

How to add thyme to the menu

In addition to offering many benefits, thyme can be consumed in different ways. Learn about the most common uses of thyme:

Fresh and dry leaves

Patrícia points out that thyme is considered an aromatic herb. It is often used as an ingredient in savory preparations such as boiled and roasted pork, beef, potatoes, soups and sauces.

“Both dried and fresh leaves have the same use in cooking. However, fresh ones tend to be more aromatic”, says the nutritionist.

Patrícia also adds that fresh thyme can be used to flavor oil and vinegars.

thyme tea

Nutritionist Patricia explains that the tea must be made in infusion, that is: let the water boil, turn off the heat and add the herb, wait 10 minutes and strain.

“You can follow the recipe of 1 liter of water for every 1 tablespoon of dry herb or 1 fresh branch. Take up to 400 ml/day”, guides the nutritionist.

thyme oil

In the form of an essential oil, thyme also has several applications, such as those mentioned in the topic about its benefits: fighting acne and mold, disinfecting wounds, acting as a repellent and in aromatherapy.

You can find it ready in stores that specialize in vegetable oils or natural products.

40 recipes that have thyme as a star

Want to include thyme in your diet? Get inspired by delicious recipes:

delicious side dishes

1. Laminated potato: it’s not a quick recipe, but you just need to slice it, put it in the oven and take care not to let the potatoes burn. In other words, there’s no secret! The result is a delicious snack with the special touch of thyme.

2. Potatoes with garlic and thyme: a very quick recipe and all made in the skillet on the stove. These potatoes are made with the skin. Preferably, use organic potatoes, otherwise, wash them very well with a brush before using them.

3. Roasted carrots with thyme, lemon and almonds: a light and tasty recipe. The preparation time is 1 hour and 15 minutes and you will only use carrots, thyme, lemon, raw almonds, olive oil, salt and pepper.

4. Tomato sauce with thyme and basil: to give a special flavor to the classic tomato sauce! In addition to tomatoes, you will only use onions, garlic, unsalted butter, red peppers, carrots, basil, thyme, salt, and black pepper.

5. Roasted vegetables with thyme: a different starter for a special occasion… Carrots and sweet onions, pumpkin and sweet potatoes falling apart, and all with the scent of thyme. An option that goes very well with roasted meats.

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6. Roasted onion with butter and thyme: a different, beautiful and delicious starter. You will only use red onions, butter, salt, thyme and rock salt, and you will be amazed at the result!

7. Salmon with sweet potatoes, broccoli and thyme: a simple dish to make, but delicious. You will basically line an oven-proof container with aluminum foil, arrange the ingredients and close the entire preparation with the leftover foil on the sides.

8. Omelet with leeks and thyme: a way to vary the traditional omelet. You’ll basically use eggs, a sliced ​​leek, and plenty of fresh thyme, plus salt and pepper. Perfect to be accompanied by a good arugula and tomato salad.

9. Neapolitan au gratin: you will only need eggplant, tomatoes, bay leaf, thyme, onion, olive oil, mozzarella in balls or grated, pepper, grated Parmesan cheese and salt.

Irresistible main dishes

10. Roasted drumstick with lemon, olive oil and thyme: in a very short time (apart from the oven time), you can prepare a beautiful, delicious and aromatic dish! You can also make this same recipe by swapping the lemon for the orange.

11. Orange Thyme Roast Chicken: A simple, flavorful and succulent chicken, lightly scented with orange zest and thyme leaves, and roasted with a bunch of onions, which make an incredible accompaniment. Here’s a tip for a special family lunch.

12. Rump brains steak with thyme and garlic: great recipe for those who like meat, but who don’t have the time/patience to let it season for a long time, as its seasoning is done on the spot. The result is a well seasoned, tender meat with an incredible flavor.

13. Roasted turkey breast with honey and thyme: you’re basically going to bake the turkey breast in the oven, brushed with olive oil, honey and thyme until golden. A simple but surprising preparation.

14. Mushroom Galette with Leeks and Thyme: To make this dish different and tasty, you’ll basically use fresh mushrooms, red onion, leeks, thyme, unsalted butter, cheese, salt and pepper.

15. Rabbit in the oven with bacon and thyme: a different dish, for those who love to try new flavors. You will only use chopped rabbits, bacon, onion, garlic, chopped fresh thyme, fresh sage, salt, pink pepper and wine.

16. Chops with lemon and thyme: the mixture of thyme and lemon makes the chops very aromatic and tasty. In addition to these main ingredients, you will only use garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.

17. Roasted Chicken Legs with Thyme: Simple in the oven, you’ll just use chicken legs, garlic, paprika, cumin powder, cayenne pepper, thyme, olive oil, salt and black pepper.

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18. Pea and bacon risotto with bread crumbs and thyme: a complete, different and delicious meal. Farofa is made only with sprigs of thyme, olive oil and crushed panko bread or French bread.

19. Fettuccine with Chicken and Thyme: To make this delicious dish that becomes a complete meal, you will only use leek, chicken breast, butter, thyme, white wine, salt, pepper, lemon, sour cream and fettuccine. .

20. Salmon with honey and thyme: an elegant and delicious dish, ideal for those who like to impress in the kitchen! You will basically use salmon, pepper, green salt, dried thyme leaves, wheat flour, honey, olive oil, butter and lemon.

21. Burger with thyme roasted potatoes: for the snack you will basically use chuck steak, beef ribs, beef brisket, cheddar, cheese, butter, salt and pepper. For the baked potatoes, you will only use fresh thyme, olive oil and salt.

22. Roasted chicken wings with thyme: simple to prepare, the recipe makes for four people. You will only use chicken wings, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, olive oil, garlic powder, thyme leaves, salt and black pepper.

23. Fillet with vegetables in a mustard and thyme sauce: a simple dish, but delicious. You will only use minced beef fillet, red pepper, green pepper, eggplant, tomato, seasonings, salt and fresh thyme.

24. Filet mignon with thyme and rosemary: a delicious meat that is simple to prepare. The filet can be served with boiled green beans or with mashed potatoes or fries.

nutritious soups

25. Pea soup with celery and thyme sorbet: an incredible combination of flavors. For the soup, you will use olive oil, onion, garlic, frozen peas, spinach, vegetable broth, salt and pepperoni. For the sorbet, you will use water, sugar, celery, lemon and thyme.

26. Bellini + Grissinis with thyme whipped cream: inspired by the musical Everybody Says I Love You, by Woody Allen, this recipe teaches you how to make a simple and elegant drink and aperitif to welcome friends home.

27. Chicken soup with thyme: a good tip for the coldest days and even for those who have a cold. You will need chicken, salt, pepper, onion, carrots, garlic, ginger, chili pepper, bay leaf, thyme, black pepper, rice or cubed potatoes.

28. Beetroot soup with thyme: in this recipe, in addition to the thyme, the orange gives a special touch and the yogurt cube, in addition to being a charm, brings a little sourness that contrasts smoothly with the flavor and texture of the soup. It can be consumed both hot and cold.

29. Pumpkin Thyme Soup: yields six servings, and you…

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