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These are some of the worst Reggaeton lyrics, right?

Are these some of the worst reggaeton lyrics? This genre is highly criticized for touching on sensitive issues directly and without mincing words.

The reggaeton or reggaeton It is one of the genres that has generated the most controversy in the public in recent years, because since it came out of the underworld to reign in the music industry, it has not stopped receiving criticism, especially for its lyrics. That is why we share some of the ones that have caused the most outrage.


Top 5 worst reggaeton lyrics

Although you or your children have danced or sang some of these songs, many people believe that their content can be harmful to mental health and morals, regardless of age. After this list, you will most likely keep these songs out of the hands of children… and sensitive adults.

5. I twerk alone – Bad Bunny

Choosing among such a number of reggaetons, this could be the “least worst”, however, some sectors of the Latin American community were offended because the singer decided to dress as a woman to say that “perrea solo”.

4. Four Babies – Maluma

Despite the fact that we are in the 21st century, many people are still scandalized by polygamy, because they feel that this way of relating goes against the family and its traditional monogamy (in the West); However, this song does not offend just for insinuating that a man has 4 women, but because, apparently, they do not know it and deception is what generates the most discomfort.

3. Populated – Crissin, Totoy the Cold, Natan & Shander

As catchy as the rhythm of this song is, the lyrics are explicit and direct, as it gives details of how the man plans to enjoy some parts of his lover’s body.

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2. The Jeepeta – Nio Garcia, Brray & Juanka

In this song, not only is the size of the accompanying woman’s bust described in a very crude way, but it also makes it clear what she wants, and in the most direct way and without anesthesia!

1. The Burning – Mishelle Master Boys

Believe it or not (and you will surely have your doubts after listening to it) this song was an international hit in 2004 and it was, in part, because of the expressions it uses to talk about female infidelity, so risqué that we cannot reproduce them here in writing.

Eye, we make a clarification: we exclude some trap songs from the listwhich is an even cruder subgenre, but which is not widely accessible to the general public and therefore is censored differently.

For you, what should be number one on this list of the worst reggaeton lyrics of all time? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!

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