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Thermogenic gel burns fat and reduces measurements in a short time

Those who struggle with the scales know that it is not always easy to lose weight and reduce measures only with the practice of physical exercises and a balanced diet. Therefore, the beauty industry has invested heavily in products and devices that help women reach their ideal weight, without resorting to extreme diets.

Thermogenic Gel

One of these products, which has already reached the market, is the thermogenic gel, which burns fat and reduces measurements in a short time. According to Marcela Rodrigues, Dermatofunctional physiotherapist, the gel works, yes, but with some precautions: “in fact, the thermogenic gel works and the result can be seen in a week, but it does not work miracles. Ideally, it should be associated with other treatments and a balanced diet,” she says.

Functional assets

The thermogenic gel has a combination of functional assets that act directly on localized fat, such as:

  • Caffeine: stimulates the breakdown of fat, inhibits the production and storage of fat microcells, provides firmness and hydration to the skin and has anti-cellulite action.
  • Methyl nicotinate: dilates the vessels, facilitating microcirculation and the permeation of substances that have fat cells.
  • Pro-vitamin B5: nourishes, moisturizes, promotes cell regeneration, protects the skin and helps with healing.

Understand how thermogenic gel works on your body

The actives present in the gel make the body temperature suffer a slight increase, causing the metabolism to accelerate, which allows a faster breakdown of fat cells and an improvement in tissue oxygenation.

It is normal for the skin to show redness and burning after application of the cream, as the symptoms are signs of vasodilation, which activates circulation and promotes better absorption of functional actives.

How to use thermogenic gel

Each type of thermogenic gel has its own indication of use. But, because it is associated with fat loss, the gel is usually applied before physical exercise or during lymphatic drainage or modeling massage.

Another measure that promises to further accelerate the breakdown of the fat cell is to wrap the region of the body where the cream was applied with a plastic film, causing greater absorption of the product. Thermogenic gel is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with a skin problem.


Orthomolecular drainage is another option for those looking for treatment to dry their belly in a short time. “This type of lymphatic drainage is the newest on the market. Its great differential is that, in addition to the benefits of lymphatic drainage, orthomolecular promotes cell nutrition, facilitates the entry of trace elements (phosphorus, selenium, magnesium and calcium) into cells and favors good cell functioning”, says Marcela.

The advantage is that in addition to detoxifying the body, it also nourishes and activates metabolism. “Drainage is enhanced through orthomolecular products that promote cell nutrition and facilitate the entry of trace elements, favoring the proper functioning of cells and activating metabolism”, explains Marcela.

The complete treatment lasts from 5 to 10 sessions and is not suitable for people with allergies to the components of creams and orthomolecular products.

Video: How to do lymphatic drainage

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