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The young man who went to Africa to save wild animals from hunters

According to recent data, we have already lost 43% of African lions and we are losing almost all elephants due to poaching and the disappearance of their natural habitat. Luckily, some people who love nature and animals cannot remain indifferent to this. In 2017, Dean Schneider, a young Swiss, decided to quit his job, sold everything he had and moved to South Africa to help animals at risk.

O awesome.club wants you to know this young man’s work. He is a clear example that we can still dream of a better future for nature and animals.

He abandoned his career and sold everything to help animals in Africa

Dean Schneider is from Zurich, Switzerland, and fell in love with animals at a very young age. He has always supported projects that fight to protect animals, and this cause has always meant a lot to him. One day, Dean decided to pursue this passion and left his career in the financial market behind. He sold everything he had to start a project in South Africa.

Dean says his family and friends weren’t supportive at first, but when he explained that the project was really important, and that the decision was made, they accepted his new lifestyle and supported his cause.

In South Africa, Dean started a project called Hakuna Mipakawhich in Swahili means ‘Without Limits’. Hakuna Mipaka it is a sanctuary that became home to many animals that had been mistreated. Many were rescued from private zoos where people kept them in terrible conditions.

People often ask Dean why he doesn’t release the animals in their natural habitat. His explanation is simple: captive bred animals do not know how to hunt and simply cannot survive without human help.

Poachers have put all African animal species at risk

There are people in Africa who raise animals in captivity and use them only for profit. They are raised in appalling conditions and without the necessary care. Unfortunately, this is not the only danger animals face today. Because of poachers, we have already lost thousands of animals, and some are seriously endangered🇧🇷

“These hunters sell the animals’ claws and teeth on the black market. They are sold in local markets or in Asia,” says Dean. “The lack of education and understanding of animals is a serious problem. Although there is no scientific evidence, there is still a belief that the dandelion and claws of some animals can cure many diseases.”

So far, Dean has rescued dozens of animals and has already done a great job of educating and sensitizing people.

The 400 hectares where the sanctuary is located are protected by six armed guards who keep poachers at bay. The animals that were lucky enough to be rescued are safe in the Hakuna Mipaka🇧🇷 Each animal that enters the site is examined by a veterinarian and given the necessary treatments. Instead of living in cages, the animals live in large fields with trees and native vegetation.

Among the animals that Dean and his team were able to save are a lion named Dexter, who was saved from a terrible lion breeder who kept them in terrible condition, and a hyena named Chuckie, who is extremely friendly despite the terrible reputation of his species. .

The sanctuary is also home to other animals such as raccoons, monkeys, snakes, iguanas and leopards, just to name a few.

In addition to saving and caring for animals, Dean proposed to help educate people, seeking to create awareness of the dangers that these animals suffer at the hands of humans. He always posts educational videos about wildlife so he can bring the same love he feels for animals to the hearts of others.

“My mission is to reach as many people as possible, and educate them about wildlife and the beauty of the animal kingdom. I believe that the power of knowledge, passion and stories can change people’s perceptions and save our planet,” says Dean.

What’s your take on Dean’s decision to leave everything behind and dedicate his life to helping animals at risk? If he could, would he do the same?

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