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The world’s most unbelievable 3D graffiti

Look at the streets of your city and see if there isn’t some interesting work by an artist covering the gray walls and bringing new meaning to that space. Artists from São Paulo, such as Os Gêmeos and Kobra, for example, became internationally famous with their impressive street creations. There is so much realism in some that it becomes scary to walk on a surface “covered” by an abyss, as shown in one of the works compiled in this post, in which we intend to present how artists live in a parallel reality.

O awesome.club compiled for you some of the most impressive examples of urban art by famous artists. Watch them and be surprised!

These balloons are designed

This wall is absolutely flat

Depending on the perspective, the grass becomes a globe

The Chamber of Secrets is open

complex architecture

Flying for the first time is scary!

Believe me, it’s just a painting!

The family of drawn ducks makes it slow down the footsteps of pedestrians


Anyone out there afraid of heights?

hopscotch game

Only at home

When the power of art brings you down

breaking the wall

“I almost had a heart attack”


In this photo, only one car is real.

Bonus: Social media users debate whether this was done with Photoshop or not. What do you think?

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