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the suicide

Basic definition: Intentional act of killing oneself, that is, taking one’s own life. Suicide is more than wanting to die, it’s more than giving up on living. The guy who commits suicide ends himself. Worst of all, there are more and more cases of people who choose to try to take their own lives. The reasons for some people to try to kill themselves are many, but in short, I realize that there are some points in common between all cases: the lack of expectation, change, improvement. Everyone who chooses to attempt suicide has lost HOPE!

In my professional life as a psychologist, unfortunately I have seen several cases of people who think about suicide, who attempt suicide or have tried to commit suicide someday. And in my opinion, nobody wants to die, “trying to kill yourself” is a big cry for help. I see in the eyes of each of these people, a “look at me”, “realize that I exist”, “please listen to me, at least 5 minutes”.

I don’t need to have tried to kill myself one day to understand what drives someone to seek death. Sometimes the pain is so deep, it’s so difficult to face certain situations, there are so many disappointments, so many problems. It seems that there are times when nothing goes right, that everything you try to do goes wrong. There are times when the cross we carry is too heavy, and we lack the strength to keep fighting. You look for people who said they were friends, and you realize that most didn’t know the meaning of FRIENDSHIP; it’s very easy to have friends around when everything is going well; the hard thing is having friends around, when EVERYTHING IS GOING BAD!

Despite all the problems, I see life as a SEEWEETER. On one side of the seesaw is HAPPINESS; on the other side, SADNESS. Life is the oscillation that makes us go up and down, alternate the two feelings. Balance would be the ideal life, where the SEAT does not go up and down. Imagining life as a seesaw, I am not deceived by the moments of extreme happiness, nor am I despaired by the routine difficulties and sadness. After all, life will go on, and the seesaw will go up and down again.

“When all is lost, there is always a way. When all is lost, there is always a light… Never stop fighting, never give up on yourself! To you who read me, I say, I know you can, I TRUST YOU! Never forget, for every PROBLEM, there is a SOLUTION!

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