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The stones of each Orixá in Umbanda: see Oxalá, Iemanjá, Iansã and more!

It is known that each Orixá in the Umbanda Line has its own leaves and herbs, and with the stones it could not be different. Stones and crystals are some of the elements of nature that we can use to attract certain energies or vibrations specific to each ruler.

There are several types of crystals and precious stones that are essential to maintain connection with the orixás and, although stones such as amethyst, green quartz, emerald and sodalite are the best known, there are many others that are very important both for the orixás and for us. same. To know each of the stones, their powers and which orisha they belong to, keep reading the article until the end.

Just as herbs are very important for umbanda practitioners, so are stones and crystals. It is common for religious believers to use them to enhance the connection with each entity, as each orisha has its representation and each gem acts in a different field. Making use of the stones, the connection between the entities and the faithful is elevated and they contribute to a better development in the works.

To learn more about the meaning of each of these stones and their connections with each orisha, keep reading the article until the end.

I hope it is represented by White Quartz. The white crystal, as it is also known, is a crystal of wisdom and healing. He is able to purify the energies of the environment and those who possess it, in addition to protecting dreams, improving cases of insomnia and, above all, warding off bad influences and all types of energy attacks.

Oxum, the goddess of love, is represented by Rose Quartz, which also represents love, peace and, in addition, enables inner healing and purification of the emotional body through activation of the heart chakra. It drives away negative energies and enhances the vibrations of love, enabling harmony and peace in established relationships and the family environment.

Oxossi, the King of the Woods, is represented by Green Quartz. By using this stone, you are able to attract abundance, constancy, work and, above all, magic. Also, the stone is great for transmuting negative energy and inspiring creativity. Your energies protect against energy vampirism, turn negative energies into positive ones and help attract prosperity.

Fire Agate or Orange Calcite, as it is also known, represents Egunitá. Fire Agate is responsible for increasing personal strength, removing fear and obsessive entities that may be delaying your evolution and personal growth. Furthermore, the energies of this stone are capable of undoing energy blockages, purifying and protecting your aura.

The stone that represents Nanã, one of the oldest orixás in the Umbanda lineage, is the amethyst. It can also be represented by rubellite or ametrine. There is a relationship between the amethyst stone and the symbol of the Sage and the Sage. She is able to purify environments, detoxify and help fight negative thoughts. Moreover, it is used to relieve tensions and mental excesses.

Ogun can be represented by ruby ​​or garnet stones. Ruby, one of the best known among the stones, is considered one of the most important among them as well. It is believed that it represents the blood of the Earth and, in addition, symbolizes a source of strength, love and life. Garnet is already considered the stone of love, success and protection.

The sun stone is used in the representation of Xangô. She is great for bringing happiness, as her powers are able to “keep the Earth in its place, and the Sun shining in the sky”. The sun stone is much more than a simple ore found in nature, it is a stone of protection, liberation and attraction of energies. In addition, she is able to assist in mental health treatments.

Oxumarê is represented by the opal stone, which helps accelerate evolution, attracts love and gives a feeling of deep peace to those who use it. This stone features smooth vibrations, capable of calming emotions, awakening intuition and helping to find a way out of any problem. What’s more, she is able to restore passion in relationships.

The emerald and chalcedony stones represent Oba. The emerald, well known for its beauty, is considered the stone of celestial love. In addition to having a great ability to tune in to the real needs of change, by bringing balance, clarity and truth to those who use it. It is also widely used as a lucky charm. Chalcedony, on the other hand, is a protective shield against negative energies, such as anger and the evil eye.

The citrine stone represents Iansã. The word ”citrus” comes from ancient Greek, which meant lemon stone. The meaning of the citrine stone is linked to its sun-like energy, which warms, comforts, penetrates, energizes and gives life. It is widely used in cases of general tiredness, such as discouragement, laziness, extreme sadness and serves to stimulate joy.

Obaluaê is represented by the black tourmaline stone, which is famous for having high energy protection and for the strong action of purifying people and environments. The properties of this stone are great for protecting the mind and body, as well as benefiting the immune system. She is able to protect people who use her and neutralize negative energies.

Marine water is the representation of Iemanjá, the queen of the sea. This stone brings calm, inner peace and brings protective entities closer. Interestingly, this stone is related to mermaids, as it is believed that the god Neptune gave it to them, so in addition to being a stone of love, cleanliness and happiness, marine water is also responsible for taking care of mermaids.

Omolu is represented by the black onyx. This stone is considered the amulet of love protection, in addition to protecting against envy and negative energies. She brings security to relationships and conveys confidence, seriousness and humility, especially on the most difficult days. Also, she is important to avoid impulsiveness and disharmony, which prevents fights.

Stones are part of Nature and, therefore, carry an intense and pure energy. What Umbanda does is use the stones and work with them in their hands, in order to tune in to the correct energies of each entity.

The entities that hold the knowledge of the stones can bring infinite information, both in terms of healing and in the magical performance of these vital elements. A Crystal is capable of channeling, containing, expanding the Spiritual Light, as its applications are varied. The stones are considered gifts from Mother Nature and act in the connection of each orisha through its representation.

On the other hand, the stones are the fundamental pillars of the connections of the religion that uses them in order to connect. Continue reading to learn more about stones and their importance in Umbanda.

Since the dawn of humanity, stones and crystals have enchanted people for the unique shine and beauty that each one of them presents. They have always been a symbol of status and power, however in some religions, such as Umbanda, they have a very different value.

When observing History, it is easy to perceive the value attributed to each of these gems, but for religious beliefs, they go beyond aesthetics. Continue reading to find out how the stones work within Umbanda.

Stones are attributed certain mystical properties, such as the ability to channel specific energies and bestow certain powers and blessings on their wearers. Because they are able to channel energies, umbanda practitioners use precisely this power to attract and capture specific types of mystical energies.

As they are considered parts of mother nature and a gift to humanity, they may be in tune with the energy of some entities, such as preto Velho, for example. What little is known is that there is a ritual for energizing and cleaning the stones, which you will learn how to do next.

When we talk about cleaning, we are talking about energy, but physical cleaning can also be done. Before energizing the crystals, it is important to clean them with water and neutral soap to remove dust and dirt. But no using chemicals, as they can react with crystals that are sensitive. After cleaning the stones physically, it’s time to unload the energies.

Make use of natural running water:
– Put the crystals in a cotton bag;
– Hold them well and leave them immersed in natural running water for a little while;
– Make sure the water is not polluted;

Note: Some crystals that cannot be used are apophyllite, pyrite, bauxite, bornite, cassiterite, sulfur, hematite, black tourmaline, galena, selenite, hematite, lapis lazuli, calcite, malachite, howlite, turquoise and kyanite.

With Coarse Salt:
– Place your stones in a glass container;
– Cover with water;
– Add the thick salt;
– Leave acting from 3 to 24 hours;
– After immersion, wash it well in running water and let it dry in sunlight or moonlight;

Crystals that can: quartz, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, smoky quartz, jasper, agate, chalcedony, carnelian, aventurine and onyx

Crystals that cannot (besides those that cannot go in water): halite, selenite, gypsum, desert rose, aqua aura quartz (treated), amber, azurite, topaz, moonstone, opal, selenite, red coral and chrysopaz , chrysocolla.

Observation: Some people indicate sea salt, but it’s not ideal. That’s because it can damage the stones by contacting the particles. So use thick salt!

Coarse dry salt:
For crystals that cannot come into contact with water, the ideal is to clean them with coarse dry salt. In a container, make a layer of thick salt and place the crystals on top. Leave for two hours or as long as you feel necessary.

With other crystals:

For crystals that cannot have contact with water, cleaning with a druze or selenite is recommended. The druse is that grouping of stones, which can be amethyst. Just place the crystal on top and leave it for two hours.

Selenite is a stone that performs energy cleansing, as well as salt. The ideal is to leave the crystals on top of the selenite for 5 to 10 minutes.

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