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The real miracle is within you. Believe more!

Do miracles really exist? If you don’t believe in them, you probably don’t believe in life and also in the miracles that happen every minute out there.

When we talk about a miracle, we associate it with extraordinary facts in our lives linked to a religion. It occurs when there is faith or when we believe that a superior force, divine or extraordinary, interferes in a situation that we ask for or need.

We have to believe that the miracle exists, even if it’s a spark of hope, we have to believe! The miracle makes people’s lives change and have great movements.

But, in addition to believing, we have to do our part: ask for the miracle and act to make it happen. Make the changes that Infinite Intuition, Higher Divinity or God intuit for you. In other words, for a miracle to occur we have to ask, work and believe in the miracle.

When we watch a movie that has a miracle scene, we always see a sad and hopeless person, who kneels before an image of a saint or cross and prays, pleading for a miracle, which is obviously answered. The symbology is very clear:

A hopeless person: a problem that we see no way out of.

A saint or cross: it means to believe in a superior force. Have faith in the solution of the problem, even without knowing how to act anymore.

Kneeling and praying: humility in asking for help. Believing that life can get better.

As I wrote above, the miracle to occur and it takes work for those who ask. But it certainly exists and it happens to those who have faith, believe, ask and move or play their part in history.

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Why am I writing all this? To respond to many people in the world who complain that their sentimental, professional, financial, family or personal life is not going well and they want to change everything, without moving. They want a “miracle” to occur in life overnight. But, at no time do they show what they are doing to change the situation or there is no motivation to change.

Or, when we tell them to move, they come up with several ready-made excuses. It seems that it is easier to suffer and want the world to feel sorry for you than to do something to change the situation. For you who want a miracle to improve a situation in life, start thinking about this:

What are you really doing to change this situation? Just complaining?

Asking for change is important. Helping to make it happen is even more! Listen to the solutions that life will offer you. Move and see the miracle happen.

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