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The health benefits of agave nectar

Ever heard of hibiscus tea? Of the benefits of olive oil? Of the miraculous power of pepper in food? How can ginger be good for health? Of the properties of amaranth? Questions like these are common in the world of healthy eating. Every now and then science makes a new discovery and assigns a particular food a previously unknown value. So, those who are more attuned to this type of food invade natural product stores in search of the newest health darling. Now, agave nectar is the hotspot.

What is agave?

The agave, or blue agave, is a type of cactus native to Mexico, slightly similar to our aloe vera. Its pinecone is used in the production of tequila and, although this is a property that already convinces some people of how useful the plant is, its leaves are used for an even better purpose: to replace both sugar and sweetener in food. It turns out that the agave leaf produces a type of sap, which is easily extracted and has a high sweetening power. All this with a considerable reduction in the number of calories. The texture is very similar to that of honey, except that the color is slightly lighter.

Is he really healthier?

Although there are still no conclusive studies on the benefits of replacing sugar and artificial sweeteners with nectar or agave extract, the results found so far demonstrate that, in fact, it is a good alternative for human health. What makes it more beneficial is that this type of substance is rich in fructose, unlike sugar, which is rich in sucrose. Fructose is less harmful to your health than sucrose and, according to some research, can also help with weight loss, as it is processed more slowly by the body.

What is already known for sure is that agave nectar is about three times sweeter than sugar, which means that a much smaller amount of it is used in food preparation. Another scientifically proven property is inflammation relief and strengthening the immune system.

Where to find agave extract or nectar?

Typically, the product is available in health food stores and can also be found in pharmacies specializing in natural treatments. Some supermarkets also have agave nectar, usually on the shelf for natural food products.

Can anyone consume agave nectar?

Like any sweetener, the agave-based product should not be consumed by people with diabetes before consulting a nutritionist and a trusted doctor. Fructose may not be as harmful as sucrose but, for all intents and purposes, the same care should be taken as you would when consuming any other type of sweetener.

When introducing a new food into your diet or starting a new diet, always try to consult a nutritionist. Each organism reacts in a way to the different substances contained in food and, therefore, it is necessary to investigate so that there are no reactions – whether allergic or even more serious, such as rejections, for example.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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