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The baby names that will rock in 2019

the reign of alices seems to be at an end! After dominating school rankings and lists since 2015, a new name was the parent’s favorite in 2018. Helena is the new darling of the time, according to the BabyCenter platform survey, made from 501,000 baby names.

In addition to Helena, eloá and Manuela are also popular for girls. Sophiaanother success, fell four positions and now ranks 7th in the preferences of moms and dads.

As for the boys, Miguel remains in the lead for the eighth straight year, but enzo fell out. If you don’t mind that your child has many namesakes around, you can bet on Hector and Benjaminother names that are rising in the race.

For boys, inspiration from biblical names is very present. David🇧🇷 Matheus🇧🇷 Noah🇧🇷 Lucas and even Caleb and Levi make the favorites list.

As always, the choices of names are influenced by movies, series, sertanejos, soap operas, soccer players and artists – the presenter Eliana, for example, named her children Arthur and Manuelatwo hits.

But there are always those who prefer to turn to the family. This may explain why a classic name like Helena is at the top, as many people decide to honor their grandmothers or great-grandmothers when they have children.

See the top five positions in 2018:


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As for 2019…

For the coming year, some girl names are trending like lorraine🇧🇷 Milena🇧🇷 Cecilia and Ana Laurain addition to variations of antonella 🇧🇷Fiorella, Micaella, Donatella, Ariella🇧🇷 Disney princess names like aurora, beautiful and even moanaalso perform among the choices.

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Trends for next year still follow the same line of influence as celebrities. Famous children’s names continue to rank well as Joachim and Benicio (choice of Angélica and Luciano Huck), Benjamin (as the son of Gisele Bündchen), enrico (son of Karina Bachi), Theodore (like Michel Teló and Thais Fersoza’s baby, and similar to Sandy’s, who preferred Theo) and even compound names straight out of soap operas, like Maria Victoriaprotagonist of “Tempo de Amar”🇧🇷🇧🇷

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henry🇧🇷 ravi and oliver are names with gringa influences that also promise to rock in 2019. valentinea name that came out of the soap opera “Segundo Sol” and the children’s series “valentines”, will also be successful.

And out there…

In general, short names continue to be a trend around the world, in addition to those that refer to peace, such as hope (hope, in English) and harmony (harmony, in English). References to strong women and feminists were also on the rise, as Ada (Lovelace), Amelia (Earhart) and pink (Parks).

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So, pregnant women? What will your choice be?

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