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The 10 most recommended makeup products by Brazilian bloggers

Most women have at least one toiletry bag with essential beauty products for survival outside the home. So, when an unexpected party, a work meeting or even a special date comes up, we can appear very well dressed.

Today, to know which makeup essentials are, you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist or work in the area. Just turn to the world of blogs.

Watching the tutorials and reading reviews on the web, it is easy to see that some products have become the darlings of bloggers, being mentioned and recommended by several of them.

Below, you can see a top 10 of the most recommended makeup products by Internet beauty gurus:

1. Ruby Woo Lipstick, MAC

With a bright red hue, Ruby Woo has become a classic among women. It looks good on all skin tones and has a matte finish, which makes the lipstick last much longer on the lips.

2. Studio Fix Base, MAC

MAC foundations are famous and like most of the brand’s products, they are loved by makeup artists and bloggers. The main reasons are the versatility, quality and quantity of products offered. The blogger Thais from the blog Coisas de Diva is part of the group of fans of the brand’s foundations. “I say it’s practically impossible not to find a MAC foundation to call your own! I really like Studio Fix, which combines foundation and powder in the same product. Pure practicality,” she says.

3. Naked, Urban Decay eyeshadow palette

This one really captured the hearts of bloggers. It’s easy to see the set of shadows present in the various makeup tutorials on Youtube. Urban Decay has already launched 3 Naked palettes and all of them are very well received by the public. “It’s easy to understand why Naked is so loved – there are 12 basic eyeshadow colors that go well together and are of excellent quality,” recommends Thais.

4. The Colossal Mascara, Maybelline

Easy to find, Maybelline products stand out for their affordable price. Mascaras are the favorites of bloggers also for the result achieved. Thais Marques, from Coisas de Diva, uses and approves. “They are the perfect BBB masks, good, beautiful and cheap. Personally, my favorites are The Falsies and Colossal, both in the waterproof version. They give a lot of emphasis to the lashes, they look like false ones”, she says.

5. Blush Orgasm, Nars

Nars blushes call attention for their quality and it couldn’t be different with Orgasm. With a pink hue with a little golden shine, it is ideal for the paler ones and gives a romantic look to the look.

6. High Beam Illuminator, Benefit

In Brazil since 2011, Benefit stands out not only for its good products, but also for its cute packaging, with a design inspired by the 1950s. One of the company’s most famous makeup items is the Beam illuminator series. The High Beam is pink, but there is also the Moon Beam, which is a discreet yellowish color, and the Sun Beam, whose tone is golden.

7. Making Of Color Concealer, Contains 1g

Color correctors have the power to cancel out the marks of pimples, deep dark circles and scars. And it was with this in mind that Contains 1 g launched the Making Of cream concealers, in salmon, yellow, purple, green and orange colors. It is worth remembering that after using the product, you need to cover the region with another concealer that matches your skin tone.

8. Paste eyeliner, Contains 1g

For some time now, brands have been innovating in the shape of eyeliners. In addition to the pen-shaped product, there is also the paste eyeliner. Contains 1g also made its version. The downside is that to apply it you need an angled brush.

9. Travel Size Makeup Brushes, Sigma

Women always seek perfection and in makeup it is more easily achieved with the help of brushes to apply the products in the right way. Having a travel-sized set also allows them to apply makeup anywhere. Sigma is so strong in the industry that it has bloggers as brand ambassadors.

10. Primer The POREfessional, Benefit

One of the brand’s best sellers, The Porefessional, already wins women’s hearts with its cute blue packaging. The primer perfectly covers the pores and bloggers assure that it helps to hold the makeup for longer.

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