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Taurus and Virgo – How is dating? Got chemistry?

It will be difficult for you to find a couple in the entire zodiac as harmonious as Taurus and Virgo. These two get along well in all places and situations.

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The love of these two is as light as the song “Trevo”, by Anavitória and Tiago Iorc. Still, there are some differences that are always good to work on, right? Here’s how to make what’s good get even better!

Taurus matches Virgo?

If on the one hand Virgo admires Taurus’ strength of purpose, on the other hand they have little tolerance for Taurus stubbornness in the face of an obvious mistake.

Taurus admires Virgo’s quick mind, but I didn’t like Virgo’s hypochondriac syndrome, let alone his obsession with cleanliness.

But Taurus gets along well with Virgo, and those problems are small given the many things these two signs have in common.

Taurus and Virgo stick firmly to their principles, unlike the rest of society.

Virgo natives tend to be a bit pessimistic about human nature. That’s because his memory is meticulous and he perfectly remembers every flaw he’s ever seen: from a ripped shower curtain to a friend’s character flaw.

Taurus also remembers everything they’ve ever seen, even if they don’t want to. For this native, thinking about past things is a waste of time, since there is no way to change what happened. But still, the lessons of old memories are etched in his memories.

Other traits that Taurus and Virgo have in common are passivity, receptivity, caution, integrity, and reliability.

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I think it was more than clear how Taurus with Virgo works, right.

Differences between Taurus and Virgo

The main difference between Taurus and Virgo, patience, usually wins Taurus. This is because Taurus is always very patient and Virgo is not.

Virgo appears to be a calm, calm and patient person, but his mind is always agitated, causing the most diverse types of frustrations in these natives, especially when things don’t happen as quickly or the way he wants.

It is usually easier for Taurus to succeed than it is for Virgo. The fact that Taurus is a fixed, astrologically stable and organized sign helps you build solid and lasting foundations in your career or marriage.

Virgo is a mutable sign, constantly changing. So this is a native who doesn’t feel the need to build an empire or ride an imported car.

A Virgo’s main desire is to serve the world and all the individuals who live in it, pointing out its flaws and bringing order out of chaos.

Relationship between Taurus and Virgo

Taurus woman with Virgo man

The truth is, it is almost impossible for any woman to seduce a Virgo man. This maxim also applies to the Taurus woman.

Virgo is self-absorbed and also not very interested in conquering. So don’t expect him to wake up super excited on Valentine’s Day.

However, as there is a natural harmony between these two signs, you are likely to recognize each other and fall in love without much effort. You have very similar desires, goals and values.

The Taurus woman is calm and has a pleasant, quiet voice. The Virgo man is kind and expresses himself clearly. Naturally, you don’t get on each other’s nerves.

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If Taurus plays her cards right, she’ll make Virgo eat out of her hands. For all her sensuality, this native rarely makes mistakes.

For the Virgo, this trait is comforting, as he will not be compelled to catch and correct his partner’s mistakes.

Another point that guarantees the harmony of this relationship is that Taurus and Virgo do not get angry easily.

Virgo woman with Taurus man

The Virgo woman has a high nose and is super elegant, dressing impeccably. So, something that can bother this woman in a relationship with a Taurus is that he is often a little messy and unkempt.

Taurus is a sign that loves beauty and luxury around them, but they’re so busy building their financial security that they don’t have time to comb their hair, iron their shirt, or buy new shoes.

The Taurus man may think that Virgo is prudish, but he will be sorely mistaken. She is courteous and gracious, but not prudish.

She investigates the facts, observes the action, and works through her mathematical thought processes until she forms a clear opinion. But her views may be that it’s best for everyone to build more convents or encourage naked group therapy.

Virgos are as curious as they are critical, so they don’t fit the morality profile.

Taurus doesn’t talk much about their ethics or morals. He just feels whether something is right or wrong, and after little reflection, he acts with blind determination.

Quickly, the Taurus will notice the Virgo woman’s honesty and will see that her tendency to avoid labels and analyze things before rushing to judgment is a virtue.

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The word practicality it may not sound very romantic, but it is she who builds a deep and comforting bond between Taurus and Virgo.

Neither of them indulges in passionate emotions for no reason, nor do they rage because they know that anger doesn’t help.

Both are looking for something right: whether eternal perfection (Virgo) or eternal security (Taurus). And the closest they’ll ever get to being right is loving each other.

Taurus and Virgo in bed

Taurus and Virgo have quieter sex. Taurus prefers to make love without the verbal distraction. He wants to drown in his partner’s intimacy.

Virgo is silent because they can’t think of anything wild or spontaneous to say during sex. And even if he thinks, this native is too shy to verbalize it.

Virgo can create a lot of beauty in the physical expression of love. This sign knows like no one else to mix emotional tenderness with desire.

Taurus will love this Virgo way and will believe that they are very lucky to be able to share this experience with someone so caring and kind.

With these two, romantic moments always start with a gentle and unique Taurus and Virgo kiss. It’s a kiss that has a touch of romance mixed with light and delicate play.

That is, Taurus and Virgo in bed get along as well as in everyday life. Sex between these signs is a beautiful expression of the emotion, love and respect they have for each other.

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