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Tartelet: 20 sweet and savory recipes to surprise

Think of a miniature version of pie, which can be served at parties or cocktail parties, with hundreds of flavor possibilities. Here are the tartlets! They consist of small tartlets with a crunchy base and creamy filling on top, which can be sweet or savory. Makes you want to eat just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Enough of the craving! In the list below you can see 20 options of tartlets to prepare at home, from the simplest recipes, with fruits, to the most elaborate ones, perfect for special occasions. Choose your favorite and surprise your visitors!

sweet tartlet

1. Fruit tartlet: who said that a tasty dessert needs to be extremely caloric? Just choose the right ingredients! In the case of fruit pie, the dough takes oatmeal and honey biscuit, ghee butter and water. The filling is made with light cream cheese, honey, skimmed milk and vanilla essence. On top, fruits of your choice, such as strawberries, grapes and kiwi. To eat without guilt!

2. Dulce de leche tartlet: for those days when you feel the urge to eat something sweet and delicious, there’s nothing like an easy recipe with few ingredients. All you need is margarine, wheat flour, salt and condensed milk. How not to love?

3. Banana tartlet: versatile, the filling for this dessert can be used in other dishes, such as pizzas and tapiocas. To prepare it you will need light ricotta cream, a small banana, lemon juice and vanilla essence. Get ready: the smell is tempting.

4. Gluten-free strawberry tartlet: who here has never salivated over a bakery candy, the kind with shiny strawberries on top? It’s time to make this treat at home. The dough has a light texture and is made with a combination of cornmeal, gluten-free oatmeal and almond flour.

5. Passion fruit tartlet: easy to prepare, this tartlet is so beautiful that it’s almost a shame to eat it – only it’s so delicious that no one can resist. For the filling, separate the pulp of five passion fruit, lemon juice, sugar, butter, egg and icing sugar to sprinkle. Another equally delicious alternative is to use fruit jelly for stuffing.

6. Lemon curd tartlet: also known as fruit curd, lemon curd is a very traditional jam in Europe, especially in England. Based on Sicilian lemon, Tahiti lemon, egg yolks and sugar, it is excellent in fillings for cakes and pies. And tartlets too, of course.

7. Mascarpone tartlet with wild berries: crunchy base, creamy filling and a special touch of fresh berries. This tartlet is perfect for those who want to enjoy an explosion of flavors. The base basket is prepared with wheat flour, cocoa, butter and sugar. The filling is made with mascarpone cheese. Trust me: it looks amazing.

8. Cherry tartlet: think of a little something easy to make and extremely amazing to eat. This version of tart has a very tasty dough, prepared with whole-grain biscuits with cocoa flavor, cashew nuts, whole wheat flour, sugar, milk and butter. The filling is ready-made yogurt – it can be your favorite flavor.

9. Vegan banana tartlet: if banana and cinnamon is already a wonderful combination, imagine with a touch of whipped cream? Vegan, this recipe is great for those days when you feel like eating something sweet. The filling is made with ripe and mashed bananas, lemon juice and demerara sugar.

10. Apple tartlets: decorated with gala apples folded like flowers, these tartlets are so beautiful that they can even be sold or given as a gift to a friend. The recipe is vegan and has special touches that make all the difference, such as a spoon of grated ginger and cinnamon to taste.

savory tartlet

11. Rice and egg tartlet: this recipe is just the way we love it: enjoy those leftovers that are in the fridge, you know? After all, it is possible to go far beyond the rice ball when it comes to cooking! The dough for this different tartlet is made with boiled rice, cream, milk, various spices, salt and pepper. Try it!

12. Caramelized onion and cheese tartlet: we’ve already talked about all the possibilities of puff pastry. And of course, practical and tasty savory pies are among these feats! The step-by-step guide to preparing this amazing appetizer is very simple. What takes the longest is caramelizing the onion in port wine – but it’s worth the wait every minute, eh?

13. Tartelete de Chèvre: those who like a more gourmet touch will love this option. The filling, made with creamy goat cheese, olive oil, rosemary and cherry tomatoes, is arranged in mini baked tartlets. Excellent snack option or to serve as a starter in a dinner.

14. Buffalo ricotta and gorgonzola tartlet: it’s nice to always have some items at home for those moments of hunger. This is the case with tartlets, which can be found ready-made in several supermarkets. So just bake and make your favorite stuffing. The suggestion here is vapt-vupt: just mix gorgonzola cheese and buffalo ricotta, seasoning with olive oil, white pepper and fleur de sel.

15. Bacon and Corn Tartlet: If there’s bacon, there’s no doubt about it: it’s a good thing. The dough for this savory pie takes eggs, olive oil, milk, self-rising flour, salt and Parmesan cheese. The topping calls for bacon, onion and boiled corn. In other words, cheap ingredients. How not to love?

16. Tartelete 3 cheeses: where are the cheese lovers? In this wonderful pie, three of them are protagonists: gorgonzola cheese, cream cheese and parmesan, in addition to cream, milk and parsley. Cream cheese can be substituted for curd or ricotta cream if you like it better.

17. Ham and corn tartlet: a dough that melts in your mouth, a creamy and irresistible filling. Attention: this pie will be the sweetheart in your house. The best thing is that it’s very simple to make, just mix it all up! Do not believe? Check out the recipe right now!

18. Ham and cheese tartlet: ham and cheese is that duo that always works well in any recipe. Here the ingredients are still combined with boiled cassava and sour cream, forming a filling that is nothing short of irresistible. The dough is just the right amount of butter. Be sure to test it at home.

19. Escarole tartlet: the pie basket is made with pastel dough. It is crispy and goes perfectly with the escarole and goat cheese filling. You can make the flavor you prefer, like beef or shredded chicken with catupiry. Easy to make and a charm to serve at parties.

20. Chicken Pie: For those days when you want to make a different snack, there’s nothing like a little creativity. This chicken tartlet is made with pastry dough bought at the supermarket. Easier, impossible. And you can still vary the filling, creating even sweet options. What about?

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