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Tarot: Use the Justice card to make good decisions

We come to the eighth tarot card, Justice. My proposal with these articles is to make you learn to use the powers and symbols of each card to attract an important point in your life, improve something that is not going well or anchor a certain energy in your mind.

A tarot card is linked to our deepest and oldest archetypes. Studies show that the first tarot cards we know of today appeared in Europe around the year 1300.

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Its symbology is so strong and universal that each year new tarots are launched on the market with even broader and wiser symbols and message.

How will the article work?

First we will explain the symbologies and messages of each card, what it means and what it can attract to you on a daily basis. You will decide what you want to attract into your life or what vibration to attract or change in you.

Then we’ll teach you how to use it on a daily basis.

Justice Card: balance and discernment between good and evil

The Justice card helps to meditate on issues and decisions that we have to make without fear of consequences. It represents the balance between good and evil, moral strength, integrity and stability. But, of course, not everything that is for one person is the same for another.

This letter warns that we have to be fair and use our discernment to assess situations. The green bud that appears in the left corner symbolizes the hope that justice will be done.

This arcane represents an ideal of conduct for man, his ability to judge the acts, both his own and those of others. Justice is capable of impartial administration of attitudes and moral principles, according to the best interests of the people involved.

What can we attract with Justice to our life?

Balance, austerity, impartiality, integrity, discipline, readiness, decision, resolution, ego satisfaction, rationality, fair reward, dispute, well-meaning actions, honor, order, law, virtue, reason, conservation, readjustment, controlled person, moment revaluation, collection and commitment. The Justice card shows a cyclical karma of nature, it points out that nothing gets out of control and you have to give up something to gain another. You are always looking for balance and fairness in everything you do, you need to put more emphasis on these principles when it comes to finances. He has a real obsession with the truth.




Critical sense



analytical decision



key expressions

Future in your hands

bear responsibly

Cold and objective thinking

Passivity in emotions

search for truth

Self control


material factors

Be aware of the dangers of change. Control your decisions. Great care must be taken.

emotional factors

Tendency to see things from an objective and insensitive point of view. Too cold.

How to use the card?

Define what you want to achieve and what letter will convey to you.

Define what goal you want to achieve with the energy of the card.

Define what is bothering you or what energy you are missing that is in the archetype of the card.

With the definitions you must for 21 days in a row do a daily meditation. It can be first thing in the morning or at bedtime.

For 10 minutes you should look at the card and meditate on what you want to conquer, change or attract in your life.

You can buy a tarot card or print the card for meditation.

During the rest of the day, this card should be visible and close to you. Why be visible? So that you, when looking at the card, continue with meditation and remembering what you want to attract and change in your life.

Put it on the agenda. In a picture frame. Hang in a frame.

Put it on the computer screen. On the cell phone screen.

Inside a book.

Use and abuse the powers of the card.

Only change cards after 21 days. Only change cards after 21 days.

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