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Tarot: meaning of the arcane “Death” |

This content refers to the result of the Test: Which Tarot Arcanum Represents Your Moment. If this was the letter that appeared the most in your responses, see below the teaching it brings to your life.

Virtues: transience, detachment and awareness
Addictions: selfishness, disillusionment and negativism


You are an unpredictable, changeable, mysterious, sincere and also selfish person. He usually changes his mind, taking unlikely actions. It even surprises for being someone extremely unpredictable, like someone who appears when least expected and disappears in the most important moments. The truth is that you consider yourself to be indomitable: someone who is very sure of himself and his will, who never bends to the whims of others. That’s why he ends up being a selfish person, who comes and goes when he wants to. He doesn’t mince words, since he assumes a sincere posture (too much) and also resolute in the face of people and circumstances. You can assume a pessimistic behavior, perhaps because you bring sad and difficult situations into your life story. Disbelieve in the best and question success quite often.


It’s good to understand that people don’t always reason like you do. Realize that it is prudent to respect others instead of judging without knowing. You tend to attract more dislike than healthy relationships, so it’s favorable to see the good side of people you approach and situations that take you by storm. Even if you want to act on your own, know how to treat others well and experience situations with patience. You don’t lose anything by being kinder.

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