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Sympathy with Garlic for Fat Eye, Love, Getting Pregnant and Money

Garlic, in addition to being very useful in the kitchen, also has strong and effective powers when used wisely. In addition to its reputation as an eye-catcher, garlic can still help you find love, bring your love back, fend off rivals and make money. See how to do these rituals!

What’s the point of carrying garlic in your pocket?

Walking with garlic in your pocket is one of the best-known spells to protect yourself against negative energies.

In addition to being powerful, it is very simple to make: just put a clove of garlic in your pocket and take it with you on a daily basis. The garlic will absorb all negative energy instead.

There are those who believe that it is best to carry garlic in your right pocket, but the truth is that it makes no difference. You can put the garlic clove in any pocket of your clothes and it will work!

Sympathy with garlic to know if someone is draining your energy

In our daily lives, we live with many people with different energies. Some with good and pleasant energies and others with charged vibrations that seem to suck us in.

Usually, when someone who sucks our energy is around, we feel a certain discomfort. However, to confirm if there is a person close to you who is draining your energy too much, do the following sympathy.

Fill a glass with water and put a garlic inside. If the garlic floats, it’s a sign that someone is draining your energy.

Then, put a second garlic in the water, in case it also floats, it’s confirmation.

Finally, add a third garlic. If the second tooth didn’t float, but the third one floated, make sure there is someone sucking your life force.

If none of the three garlic cloves float, you’re free! You are probably living with good people and there is no one stealing your energy.

Garlic spell to bring love back

This sympathy with garlic for love has been conquering many adepts and with that several positive results. To make it, you will need the following materials:

  • 1 strip of blank, unlined paper;
  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • 1 pencil.

How to make

Write the name of your love in pencil on the strip of paper. Then she takes the garlic clove and wraps it in the paper.

Find a piece of furniture in your home that is heavy but you can lift it, and place the wrapped garlic clove under it.

When you hear the noise of the furniture crushing the garlic clove, say with faith three times:

“Just as this piece of furniture is heavy, so weigh the thought of (name of your love) looking for me”.

As soon as he comes back, remove the garlic clove and throw it in a garden near your house.

Sympathy with garlic to ward off a fatty eye


  • 1 white cloth;
  • 1 needle;
  • White line;
  • black line;
  • 1 rue twig;
  • 3 cloves of garlic.

How to make

This sympathy with garlic should ideally be done on the first day of each month.

Take the needle and the white thread and make a bag with the white cloth. Then place the rue branch and the three garlic cloves inside it.

Sew the bag closed with the black thread and leave it under your bed overnight. He will absorb all the negative energy that is around him and in the environment.

The next day, store the bag in your closet. On the first day of the following month, bury this patuá and make a new one, repeating the entire process previously taught.

Sympathy of the 3 cloves of garlic to get pregnant


  • 2 white candles never used;
  • Phosphor;
  • 1 tablespoon of honey;
  • 1 cloth diaper of any color;
  • 1 never used white saucer;
  • 3 cloves of garlic.

How to make

Before you start doing the 3 cloves of garlic spell to get pregnant, you need to first tell your partner about the ritual. It is important that he agrees with the sympathy and, if possible, do it together with you so that she can gain even more power.

To begin the ritual, apply honey to the white candles and light them on the new white saucer.

Then fold the cloth diaper three times and leave it under the saucer with the candles. Do this very carefully so that the candles do not fall out or cause any accidents.

Then, hold two cloves of garlic firmly in your left hand and ask your partner to hold another clove in their right hand.

Look closely at the candles and repeat the mantra below three times together:

“We are open to life and we trust that we will have our child. We will love him deeply and we will do everything to make him grow up healthy and happy. We will also do everything to be a united, respectful and happy couple, and our relationship will be based on love, trust and companionship. Amen!”

After repeating the mantra three times, place the three cloves of garlic on the saucer along with the candles, leaving them there until the candles burn completely.

When the candles have finished burning, place the garlic cloves inside the diaper, fold it up and put it away.

For the next 7 days, use this diaper to dry your tummy after your bath. This ritual will help in your fertilization and conception.

On the eighth day, bury the garlic cloves in a beautiful garden. The diaper should be kept in a very safe place until the baby is born.

Garlic spell to make money


  • 1 glass of water;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 3 pieces of charcoal.

How to make

This garlic spell to make money is extremely simple, but quite powerful. You just need to put the 3 cloves of garlic and the 3 pieces of charcoal into a glass half full of water.

Then just leave that glass on the floor to the right of your front door and you will see wealth pouring into your home.

Important: this sympathy must be redone every month!

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