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Sweater: how to wear the perfect piece for cold days

Whether in winter or on cooler days, the sweater is an indispensable piece, because, in addition to warming up, it is classic and full of charm. There are several types of coats that can be classified as a sweater, either varying in style or fabric. “Knitted, crocheted or wool, they are long-sleeved and serve to protect from the cold,” defines image consultant Clarice Dewes.

Sweater styles can vary from open with buttons, to closed and with different collars. The open sweater is ideal for not so cold days, and can be used with a skirt and dress. A great tip is to wear a belt over the top to help define your silhouette. Closed models may vary depending on your collar type. The V-neck is the most classic, but there are also sweaters with a crew neck and high collar, in the shape of a windbreaker and the famous pullovers.

Because it has such a variety of models, the sweater matches all styles and any type of outfit. “The tighter, V-neck versions look great with shirts. The wider and high collar ones are elegant when worn alone and with tighter pants”, explains the image consultant.

Learn to wear the sweater

The sweater is versatile and can be used by any woman, regardless of body type. “Women who have broad shoulders should prefer the ones with plunging necklines. Those with predominant hips can choose longer models that well disguise the region with volume”, explains Clarice.

For those who want to highlight the upper part of the body, a tip that the consultant gives is to choose a sweater with a high collar and larger wefts. “And women who want to hide their excess fat should avoid the tightest ones”, determines Clarice. However, with so many types of sweaters, it’s easy to mix and match and choose one that fits your body well.

Below, there are several tips on how to use the sweater with other pieces of your wardrobe in order to make your life easier and make your look more stylish.

sweater with leggings

If there is a classic and accurate combination for cold days, it is undoubtedly the sweater and leggings duo. In addition to being comfortable, the two pieces keep us warm and with the face of winter. Longer sweaters help take the focus that leggings provide to the hips, disguising the fat and leaving the appropriate combination for the work environment.

To complement the looks with sweaters, bet on boots and shirts under the coat. If the intention is to make the look more relaxed, choose printed or colored leggings. The choice of necklace also helps add style to the sweater and leggings combination. Longer necklaces look great in more casual looks.

sweater with jeans

Sweater and jeans is another casual and quite comfortable combination. “Jeans are a great companion for the sweater”, says the image consultant. To get out of the basics, Clarice suggests opting for darker sweaters, giving the feeling of sophistication. Both skinny jeans, flare and pantaloons look great with the coat.

“Fashion your accessories: big earrings, maxi-necklaces, bags or a nice pair of high-top boots lift any outfit”, explains Clarice to make the look more sophisticated. With jeans, any type of sweater is perfect, so get out of the ordinary and choose more differentiated coats.

sweater with skirt

To romanticize the sweater, choose the skirt combination. You can wear the coat both inside and outside the garment. “Tight skirts, like pencils and mini skirts, look good with the wider ones. Loose or flared skirts can lose their charm if worn with a loose sweater as well. The tip is to choose a tighter one and wear it inside the skirt or with a belt marking the waist”, details the consultant.

On colder days, choose to wear tights to protect your legs. Long boots can also do this function, in addition to making the look more sophisticated and modern. For warmer days, bet on light and colorful colors, giving a more summery look to your look.

sweater with shorts

Anyone who believes that the sweater can only be used with winter items is wrong. The combination of the coat with the shorts provides modern and very stylish looks, both for hotter and colder days. “Shorts are a great complement, as it balances with the long sleeves of the sweater, since the legs will be outside”, defines Clarice.

With the shorts you can make several combinations and vary in style. “For a sportier look, sneakers are great companions. But, if the cold gets worse, a dark sock combined with boots make the look modern”, reinforces the consultant. A great tip is to match the color of the boot with that of the sock, creating a more elongated silhouette.

sweater for plus size women

The sweater is a versatile piece and can be worn by women of any body type. For plus size women, the consultant details some accurate tips for using the piece. “Always remember to show your lap. Very closed clothes add volume to any region and, therefore, give preference to V-neck sweaters”, reiterates Clarice

“Another tip is to always show thinner parts of the body, such as the neck and wrist. Folding or lifting the sleeve of the sweater to the middle of the forearm, for example, gives that feeling of losing pounds”, teaches the image consultant. An open sweater with something at the waist helps create a more defined silhouette.

Sweater for night events

Although the sweater is a casual piece, it is also possible to create more appropriate looks for night events with it. “Everything will depend on the rest of the production, but darker and not so wide color models are more sophisticated. There are versions with glitter, such as lurex and sequins, for example, that don’t need more complements to look beautiful at the club”, says Clarice.

To create an air of sensuality, the advice given by the consultant is to bet on models with animal prints. If you prefer a shorter sweater, be sure to add accessories such as heeled shoes, clutch, maxi necklace and powerful makeup. With these combinations, there’s no way not to rock the next ballad.

overlay sweater

Whether worn over or under, the sweater is ideal for creating layering looks. Over it, you can wear vests, trench coat, blazer and scarf. Underneath, the ideal combination is with shirts, leaving the collar showing. So that the overlap doesn’t become a mess, give preference to pieces with similar colors or the traditional black and white.

sweater in summer

The sweater is essentially a winter garment, however, it can also be part of your summer wardrobe. Choose lighter fabrics and lighter colors. Open sweaters help to air out the look and compose the look for cooler days in summer.

A tip that the consultant gives for when the day heats up is to throw the sweater over your shoulders. “It can be used as an accessory to complete the look!” The garments under the sweater should also be fresh and summery. Give preference to dresses, skirts and flats to create a light and perfect look for sunny days.

6 care for your sweater

The sweater is a delicate piece and deserves all the care to be preserved, so, with the help of the image consultant, we made a list of the main care you should take with your sweater to keep it intact for much longer. :

  1. Do not hang: never hang your sweater on hangers as the wool or knitting deforms when hanging. “They should always be kept folded”, recommends consultant Clarice;
  2. Remove lint: Another tip that Clarice tells us is to regularly remove lint, balls or threads that end up appearing with use. “By following this recommendation, the sweater will last much longer.”;
  3. Read the label instructions: If you’re not sure how to wash or dry your sweater, check the garment’s label. “The vast majority are washed by hand, especially those made of wool”, reinforces the consultant;
  4. Wash the garment inside out: in order not to damage the garment, wash it inside out, this will help preserve the fabric and make your sweater look like new for much longer;
  5. Do not wring out after washing: A big mistake when washing your sweater is wringing the garment. “One tip is to remove excess water by wrapping it in a towel”, explains Clarice;
  6. Ironing at low temperature: some fabrics cannot be ironed, so always check the label recommendations before using the iron on your garment. Other fabrics, such as polyester, require lower temperatures. “Always go with a low temperature, especially in synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, which often imitates knitting. Wool ones, on the other hand, can withstand higher temperatures”, details the consultant.

Online stores to buy your sweater

All e-commerces offer a wide variety of sweaters for you to buy. You can choose what suits your style and your pocket. There are sweaters of all models and perfect to match any piece. See below a gallery with the most beautiful sweaters for you to buy now.

make your own sweater

If you intend to make your own sweater, we’ve separated three videos that teach you how to knit and customize a sweater. By creating your own sweater, you will have a unique piece full of personality. Check out the videos below:

crochet sweater

In this first video, we have a step by step for you to knit your crochet sweater. The video is in Spanish, but with the visual cues it’s easy to learn. Watch and make your own crochet sweater.

cropped sweater

If you have an old sweater and you want to give it a new look, the tip is to turn it into a crop top. In the following video you will learn how to cut and transform your sweater into a crop top in just a few minutes.

Bloggers also wear sweaters

With a lot of style and personality, bloggers make the sweater an indispensable piece in their wardrobe. For you to be inspired, we selected some looks from the main bloggers. It has looks of various styles and for many occasions, just see which one suits you and use as inspiration.

Bet on the sweater, whether on the coldest days or in cooler moments. It is a super versatile coat and full of possibilities. Take care when washing, ironing and storing your sweater, following the label’s guidelines you will have your new coat for much longer. Knock out the combinations and make your cold days a moment to wear your sweater.

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