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Sunblock: for whom and when it is indicated

Today, most people are aware that it is necessary to protect themselves from the sun, especially in situations of great exposure to it, such as the beach or pool. And sunscreen is usually the most suitable product in these cases, as it promises more intense protection.

A very common question, by the way, concerns the differences between sunscreen/sunscreen and sunscreen. But it is important to know that they are products that, although they have the same function (to protect), act in different ways, thus, each one is more or less suitable for each type of skin and/or situation. Clarify your main doubts about the use of sunscreen below.

Sunblock: what is it for?

Fernanda Casagrande, dermatologist member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology and the American Academy of Dermatology, explains that the sunscreen protects the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. “It forms a protective shield, preventing sunburn and protecting against skin cancer,” she says.

Among the main advantages of this type of product, the dermatologist highlights:

  • Prevents premature aging of the skin;
  • Prevents against skin cancer;
  • Protects against sunburn;
  • Protects against sunspots;
  • It offers high protection, being ideal for certain skin types that need greater care.

As a possible disadvantage, the sunscreen has a thicker and whitish texture when compared to the texture of sunscreens, a characteristic that may displease some people.

Sunblock and Sunscreen: What’s the Difference?

Check out the main differences between these two types of product, according to dermatologist Fernanda Casagrande:

  • Sun blocker: the dermatologist explains that blockers should provide a greater degree of protection, as they have actives that block the passage of the sun. “Usually they don’t have very pleasant cosmetics, as they are thicker and whitish”, she says. Most sunscreens contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in the composition.
  • Sunscreen: Fernanda points out that sunscreens provide chemical protection. “That is, unlike the blocker that blocks the passage of UV rays, the protectors allow the passage of the sun, however, when it reaches the skin, this radiation is converted into heat and does not cause damage”, she explains.
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“I usually indicate blockers in more extreme situations of sun, such as exposure to the beach, pool or physical activity in the sun. In order not to be so unpleasant to use it, I usually recommend its application and, on top, a color filter”, says Fernanda.

The dermatologist points out that the blocker is extremely important for people who have sunspots, a history of skin cancer and sun allergies. “Chemical filters (filter / sunscreen), I usually use them on a daily basis, but with a factor of at least 30. They have a more pleasant cosmetic and manage to have an extremely dry touch”, she adds.

Sunblock: the best products and where to buy

As with sunscreens, there are several sunblock options. Analyzing the quality of the brand, the protection factor (SPF) and the texture of the product are some of the factors that you should take into account when purchasing. Check out some sun block options that are usually well rated:

1. Sundown Sunblock

It is suitable for extremely sensitive skin to the sun. It promises high protection against sunburn, as well as preventing wrinkles and sunspots.

2. L’oreal Expertise Sunblock

The blocker can be used on both the face and body, offers high protection against UVB rays, responsible for sunburn, and promises to prevent premature aging (wrinkles and sunspots).

“It doesn’t leave white residues, which is great, and I think it’s an excellent sunscreen for the body, because it provides high protection, both in terms of UVB rays (FPS 60) and UVA rays” – Ju Lopes (I swear) valid)

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Buy here

3. Whitgel Episol Sunblock

Formulated for oily skin, the blocker has Très Sec technology, which promises to absorb oil from the skin, promote a dry touch and matte effect, in addition to providing softness.

“I have the feeling that my skin is being extremely protected, as if it forms a film around my face and nothing gets through that protection.” – Daiane Carrasco (Girl Way)

4. Actsun SPF 30 Facial Sunblock

The sun blocker guarantees to protect the skin against the harmful effects caused by UVA/UVB radiation, in addition to preventing premature aging. It has a smooth texture and is easily absorbed.

“I found the texture of Actsun SPF 30 to be one of the best sunscreens ever. It’s very watery and doesn’t leave a shine at the end. The absorption is very fast, but it only leaves the skin a little whitish at first, but nothing too much. The skin is left with a dry touch without crumbling the protector.” – Gabriella Zacche

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5. Adcos Sun Blocking Moisturizing Toning

The product promises protection against UV rays and premature wrinkles, in addition to hydrating the skin. It offers fast absorption, dry touch and matte effect, not causing blackheads and pimples.

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Now you know that there are important differences between sunscreen and sunscreen. As well as there are several options of sunscreens on the market, both facial and body. Therefore, the tip is to consult your trusted dermatologist to find out which product is best for you.

Always pay attention to the packaging of the products, as many people end up buying, for example, sunscreen, thinking it is a blocker (and vice versa). Also know great options for sunscreen based.

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