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SUMMER PIECES IN WINTER: how to enjoy the wardrobe without spending anything

The conscious consumption of fashion is becoming more and more an agenda in everyday life. This idea leads us to reflect when choosing a new piece, prioritizing that it is more durable and offers more possibilities to be used.

To increasingly enjoy a piece, thinking of different ways to use it and combine it with the fur you already have is an alternative to give a “new face” to the same piece and even create unlikely looks.

An example of this greater usability is looking for ways to use the same piece in all seasons. Starting from this principle can also be a way to have a more dynamic wardrobe and accumulate fewer pieces that are seldom used.

Some elements are essential to adapt the look from summer to winter. Stockings, jackets and scarves are great allies in this endeavor, completing looks made up of skirts and dresses. Check out below several tips developed in partnership with the consultant Danyla Borobia to adapt the same look for all seasons.

The pantyhose is allied at the bottom

Pantyhose is one of the main alternatives to transform a summer look into a winter look. “The big bet is to make the wardrobe versatile by composing looks rich in a mix of textures and overlays. The flowered dress, the miniskirt, the midi skirt and the pantacourt gain space in the editing of the look when combined with the pantyhose, which can vary according to the temperature and style of each woman” suggests the consultant Danyla.

Regarding the choice of footwear, Danyla indicates: “The feet ask for more closed and heavier shoes, such as velvet or varnish boots, when the print of the pieces is the face of the hottest season”. To give a modern touch to the look, miniskirts can be combined with oversized coats, which can be parkas or jeans, and the good old sweatshirt still provides a cooler touch.

“To elongate the silhouette or for a less flashy look, the best thing is to choose pantyhose with the same color as the shoe or the upper part of the look”, teaches Danyla. For the more daring ones, the consultant also suggests the overlapping of tights, such as fishnet stockings over black stockings. For even colder places, Danyla remembers that it is worth betting on woolen tights or even thermal tights, which guarantee comfort and warmer looks.

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A high-top boot is also good.

Boots are the shoes that most have the face of winter, as they protect the region of the feet and legs from the cold. The over-the-knee models and velvet boots, in addition to giving extra warmth, are with everything and give a modern and current touch to the look.

“It is worth remembering that boots can suit any silhouette, however, there are some tricks to make it more balanced: for girls with shorter legs, it is best to invest in monochromatic looks, that is, boots in the color of the pantyhose. or with the same color as the skirt, dress, pants or shorts’ teaches Danyla.

Another trick suggested by Danyla to elongate the silhouette is to combine high waisted, miniskirts or shorter shorts with high-top boots. She also remembers that when combining a short piece with the boot, the more visible leg, the greater the feeling of stretching the silhouette.

Long sleeve blouse underneath

Long-sleeved blouses worn underneath are great for a warm look. Thermal sweaters should be considered when temperatures were excessively low.

“Lighter strap dresses, slip dresses, overalls, rompers, t-shirts, lighter maxi vests and even spaghetti strap blouses gain a new look when composed over long-sleeved blouses”, Danyla teaches about the compositions. In the category of long-sleeved blouses, shirts can also guarantee more stylish compositions and with a formal touch.

“Composition with colors will set the tone of the style, more colorful editions tend to make the look younger and cool, while monochromatic compositions tend to convey the message of formality and elegance, however, if the idea is to look creative, modern and elegant, the best thing is to choose compositions of similar colors (neighbors in the chromatic circle)”, suggests the fashion consultant on the harmonization of colors.

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Blouse + cardigan for cool days

The cardigan can provide an elegant look when used as a third piece, as well as being a piece that, despite being light, keeps you warm and is very versatile in combinations.

Longer cardigans help balance silhouettes giving the feeling of stretching. Danyla gives tips on how to use the piece to enhance the look: “The less contrasting colors guarantee a feeling of less volume. The cardigan used, buttoned only in the center making an X in the silhouette, ensures less volume and the feeling of a defined waist”.

Especially for a warm and uncomplicated look

The coat can integrate any look, look and occasion and is the right bet to warm you up in winter. The piece can be used open or semi-closed, depending on style and temperature. Danyla explains that closed, the overcoat can also work as a dress, and a wide belt around the waist can complete the look. Worn open, the overcoat gives the feeling of stretching the silhouette.

When purchasing this piece that is the face of winter and usually a greater investment, Danyla indicates prioritizing that the piece is a wildcard, betting on neutral colors or earth tones to facilitate combinations. The consultant also indicates paying attention to the lapels and details: “For girls with a small bust, the large lapels and chest pockets tend to give the feeling of a larger area, while for girls with larger busts, it is best to bet on lapels thinner with no apparent details in the fullest region of the trunk”.

Jackets of the most varied styles

Jackets are great for versatile overalls, dresses and fresher looks, and they play a very important role in winter looks, since “in addition to warming up, it can set the tone of style in a look”, comments the consultant.

For a modern look, bet mainly on models in jeans, bombers and oversize parkas. Leather models are timeless and very useful outdoors.

scarves and scarves

The most classic winter accessories are scarves, scarves and pashminas, which are suitable for warming the neck region and often essential to complement low-cut blouses, especially when outdoors.

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“The scarves and scarves are wildcards and help to give personality to any look. They can be layered with other materials such as: wool, leather, wet velvet and the mix of textures will make the look more current”, says Danyla to update the look.

About scarves, Danyla suggests that they can be worn on the back or around the neck, it all depends on the size and cut of the fabric. Scarves can come in different lengths and thicknesses, a good way to edit more modern looks is the scarf being used as a maxi collar, over the entire look.

18 sure-fire complements to warm up your look

Check out below several options of complements to transform your summer look into the winter version. See beautiful pieces for inspiration and suggestions of stores where you can buy them!.

Where to buy

  1. Trifil pantyhose, at C&A
  2. Trifil pantyhose, by Marisa
  3. Black Coat, at Oqvestir
  4. Puffed black coat, at Renner
  5. Blue coat, at Oqvestir
  6. Jacket in Jacquard, at C&A
  7. Scarf Accessories, at Lojas Renner
  8. Mooncity boot, at Zattini Store
  9. Blue Steel Elongated Cardigan, at Lojas Renner
  10. Zatz boot, at Zattini
  11. Coat with Geometric Print, at C & A
  12. Manta Accessories, at Lojas Renner
  13. Geometric Knitting Jacket, by Maria Filó
  14. Bottero Boot, at Zattini Store
  15. Ethnic print scarf, at Lojas Renner
  16. Plus Size Coat, at C&A
  17. Black and white coat, at Oqvestir
  18. Checkered Jacket, at C&A
  19. Elongated coat, at Lojas Renner

The accessories range from tights to coats, of different brands and prices, and will boost that fresh look of yours.

Looks to inspire your compositions

Check out below several looks that have at least one piece from the summer closet. The images will inspire you to create new combinations that might have seemed unlikely before.

The suitability of summer looks for winter is a great alternative to explore more of the same piece and also to save money, especially when shopping for winter pieces. Enjoy and recreate your looks for the coldest season of the year.

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