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summer juice

When summer arrives, our thoughts don’t leave the beach, which is all about health, a healthy and beautiful body.

Going to enjoy the sea without sunbathing is the same as going to Rio de Janeiro and not visiting Christ the Redeemer.

But in addition to the famous suntan lotion and sun exposure, there are alternatives to help you tan with health and what is better, achieving a beautiful and lasting color. Did you know that in the food part we can give that little push?

There are foods that help speed up the bronze and make it livelier. This is because they have a higher concentration of beta-carotene, a substance that helps the body to manufacture vitamin A and activates melanin, which in contact with oxygen produces this tanning effect on the skin.

As examples of foods rich in beta-carotene, we can mention carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, beets, papaya, mango, broccoli and spinach.

Based on this information, here’s a tip for a super practical and very healthy summer juice Write down the recipe and try it.

Tanning Juice

– 1 glass of orange juice (Eliminates toxins, rich in vitamin A, helps protect the skin and activate melanin).
– 1 chopped carrot (Rich in vitamin A, helps protect the skin and activate melanin).
– 1/4 beetroot (Protects against harmful salt rays and activates circulation).
– 1 tablespoon of flaxseed (It is anti-inflammatory, protects against skin cancer and even helps to get a color)

To prepare the summer juice, just hit everything in the blender. Taking it once a day, preferably before sun exposure, will give you an enviable result.

Great summer everyone!

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