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Stylish looks for summer work

Summer arrives and there is always a question about which pieces can be used at work. On some days it’s hard to imagine wearing that perfect suit for formal work, but you’re also not sure if wearing a skirt is possible.

“Summer is the hottest season of the year and the question always arises: how to dress elegantly and at the same time dribble the heat in the work environment”, says personal and business image consultant Maria Valentina. This is a doubt of all women and that ends up reflecting in an almost daily anguish.

It is possible to wear skirts, dresses and very light and summery clothes, as long as you follow the rules of your company’s dress code and some tips that will be given below. Check out some beautiful looks that you can assemble with the most suitable pieces to wear at work during the summer.

formal jobs

When the company provides a dress code manual, it becomes much easier for women to dress, according to Maria Valentina. “Obviously, every woman has her personality, her personal style and she can dress according to the company’s rules, without completely excluding her style, leaving her mark in small details”, says the consultant about more formal work environments.

Sleeveless shirt look

A good piece to bet on in the summer is the sleeveless shirt. It has all the formality of the shirt, but, as it has no sleeves, it ends up being cooler and ideal for wearing on hot days. The combination with tailored pants leaves the look with the face of more formal offices.

Add a nice pair of heels, a big bag and the look is done. Light colors also make the outfit lighter and soften the hot temperatures, so it’s worth betting on white, off-white, nude and beige pieces.

Look with silk blouse and skirt

The silk blouse is also an option for women who have formal jobs. For a change of look, it’s worth investing in a knee-length skirt. Pencil skirts are a good option, but if you want to make the look feminine, the ruffle can be a great detail.

The formality is completed with a classic pump and a medium-sized bag. If you want to invest in darker colors, the tip is to bet on lighter fabrics, such as silk itself. Purchasing a few pieces with discreet prints can also help make the look look summery.

look with dress

The dress is a great option for the summer and for any type of work, from the most formal to the most informal. The tip not to go wrong is to bet on knee-length dresses, so it stays discreet and makes everyday movements easier.

For women who have more formal jobs, a suitable model is the tube that draws the silhouette and makes it more chic and elegant. Combined with a heeled shoe, you can’t go wrong. Bet on light colors and light fabrics to avoid getting hot on the hottest days of the year.

Look with silk tank top and tailoring vest

A pair that is successful in the summer is the silk tank top combined with a tailored vest. As the tank top is a piece that shows too much, the vest contrasts, hiding the upper part of the body a little more and giving a formal touch to the look.

Choose a printed piece to give a tropical touch to the look and to complement it, opt for more neutral pieces with light colors. Straight tailored pants make the perfect match with the vest. Heeled shoes are a requirement in formal environments.

semi-informal jobs

In environments that don’t ask for so much formality, the look can have casual touches such as stronger and more vibrant colors, more colorful prints, more diverse models of skirts and dresses and the possibility of wearing jeans and flat shoes. The personal touch is what will also manage these looks, always betting on pieces that follow the same line as your style.

Look with colored pants

A great suggestion for semi-informal work is to invest in colorful pants with light fabrics. In these environments there is no need for the garment to be tailored and, therefore, there are more options such as jeans, twill pants, among other models.

Complement the look with a fresh blouse. The one in the look above is a sleeveless gown, ideal for those who don’t want to show their arms. The shoe does not need to be heeled either, but if you want to bet, choose one with thick heels and nude color to elongate the silhouette.

printed dress

As the environment is not so formal, printed and more flowy dresses are allowed, as long as the length is close to the knee. If you don’t want to exaggerate the print, choose lighter colors with fewer contrasts, so the dress won’t draw too much attention.

Models with a defined waist, like the one in the look above, are great for defining the silhouette and look great on any body. A low-heeled sandal adds a more refined touch to the look, should you feel the need. Large bags help to fit all the objects you need in everyday life.

pleated skirt

If in more formal environments straight skirts are ideal, in less formal works any skirt is allowed, as long as it has an adequate length. Therefore, the pleated skirt can be an option to change the look and add a touch of femininity to the look.

Combine with a tank top and finish off with a thin belt to make the look more tidy. A pretty sneaker is okay for less formal environments, don’t be afraid to wear it unless you don’t feel confident without a pair of heels.

informal jobs

Informal jobs are those where there is not a very clear rule about what you can and cannot wear. That’s not to say you can wear anything you have in your wardrobe. Usually, in these environments, such as advertising agencies, more creative and daring women work and this should be reflected in the looks. “In the heat, it is common for women to be tempted to wear shorter, low-cut clothes, however, short, low-cut, transparent or tight clothes are prohibited in any work environment, whether formal or informal”, reinforces Maria Valentina.

Printed pants and t-shirt

Printed pants, in addition to giving a summer touch, help to give personality to the look, invest in any type of print. For more discreet looks, the tip is to bet on smaller prints and more neutral colors. The t-shirt is also allowed in these work environments and can be a great addition.

Accessories are essential and a maxi necklace makes all the difference over a basic t-shirt. If you want to feel powerful, platforms are options allowed in these more informal environments, which also help with the comfort needed for everyday life.

Mix of prints

To reinforce the creative side, bet on a mix of prints. The tip not to go wrong is to choose prints that have similar colors. Another tip is to choose a more prominent print and a more discreet one for the coordination to be harmonious.

Accessories should be neutral so the look is not overdone. Wear sandals, closed flats or flats, everything is perfect in a more casual look. The medium bag is a great option for women who are more practical.

dress and vest

To get out of the ordinary and make the dress more stylish, complement the look with a vest. Be it tailored or more casual, it will be perfect and will help to define the silhouette in dresses, like the one above, that are wider.

The espadrille is ideal for those who do not leave comfort aside and like to feel stylish at the same time. For the bag, choose one that fits your lifestyle, whether it’s smaller or larger. Don’t forget that the important thing is to value your personality and print a touch of creativity in the look.

10 must-have items in your summer wardrobe

Consultant Maria Valentina listed 10 items that are essential in the wardrobe of any woman who wants to rock the summer. It is worth betting on these pieces and using them to assemble a multitude of looks that are ideas to work both in formal environments and in more informal places. Check out:

  1. White cotton shirt (tricoline or chambray), sleeveless;
  2. Short-sleeved blouse, made of nobler fabric, such as silk or crepe, with discreet prints, such as: stripes, liberty floral;
  3. 02 basic blouses in neutral colors (white, beige);
  4. Linen tailored trousers in a neutral color (beige, light brown);
  5. Cold wool tailored Bermuda shorts, in black;
  6. Knee-length or midi skirt in pastel tones, such as: salmon, light aqua green;
  7. Light colored dress (white “off-white”, beige or khaki);
  8. Printed dress (small and discreet print, for example, the polka dot);
  9. Beige, knit or linen blazer;
  10. Longer vest, in sky blue.

Tips for setting up your look

The consultant indicated some other doubts that one has when choosing what to wear to work on hot days. Below you can check out these tips and what you can and cannot do when getting ready for work:

  • Shorts: shorts, according to Maria Valentina, are only allowed in extremely informal environments, such as for those who work in a gym, whether receptionist, secretary or teacher, tourist guide, etc.
  • Ideal Skirt and Dress Length: Skirts and knee-length dresses are ideal. “But even two fingers up is still allowed. This length is ideal not to cause discomfort, since the skirt or dress rises a little when you sit down”, informs the consultant.
  • Accessories: they always make the look more interesting, but, as Maria Valentina explains, they should be more discreet in the work environment. “The ideal is to use few accessories, especially if the woman works in a more formal environment. In environments with little formality, the use of necklaces, earrings, rings, scarves is allowed, but without exaggeration and within common sense”, she details. Longer necklaces, thin belts, bags, colorful shoes, scarves or thin silk scarves in more vibrant colors are the face of summer.
  • Flat sandals: opt for sandals that are more closed and that cover the heel, leaving only the tips of the toes exposed. Slipper-style flats should be avoided. “As well as making noise when walking, they leave their feet very exposed and give the image that the employee is out at work”, reinforces Maria Valentina.
  • Plus size women: the tip is to value the strengths and disguise the ones that bother the most. Empire-cut blouses and dresses in plain colors or small prints with a darker background are great options, as are V-necks, short sleeves, longer shirts that cover the hip area, and straight-cut pants and shorts.
  • Short women: monochromatic looks help elongate the silhouette. Another option is to bet on V-neck or U-neck dresses and blouses. For skirts and dresses, the length should be two fingers above the knee. Shoes must show the instep and be nude or light in color.
  • Best colors: light or strong colors, such as off-white, yellow, pink, blue, are always dominant in summer palettes, as are floral and animal prints…

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