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Study suggests husbands with controlling wives live longer and are healthier

Have you ever heard the expression “happy wife, happy life”? If you agree, get ready to learn more details of a study that concluded that the most correct would be “controlling wife, healthy life”. Previous studies have shown that spouses can affect each other’s health and longevity. This new study, on the other hand, shows how important it is for the woman to be controlling.

O awesome.club analyzed research to better understand how a husband can benefit from a relationship with a wife whose profile is more controlling. Check out more details below!

Pushy Wives Can Be Good to Their Husbands

According to research led by a sociologist at Michigan State University (USA), when man is unhappy, he suffers a lower risk of developing diabetes🇧🇷 In addition, even when he eventually develops the disease, the likelihood of successful treatment is greater thanks to the wife’s role.

Hui Liu, the research director, explains that this happens because some wives constantly monitor the health of their husbands, especially if they have health problems or have diseases such as diabetes, which require frequent attention. However, husbands can be uncomfortable with wives who always tell them what to do.

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, a very significant figure. The survey evaluated 1,228 people married for more than 5 years, aged between 57 and 85 years. It challenges the assumption that an unhappy marriage necessarily means poor health and therefore a shorter life.

But wives are healthier in happy marriages

The same study suggested that for women the opposite situation prevails. One good marriage represents a lower risk of developing diabetes (after 5 years of relationship). Women would therefore be more sensitive than men regarding the quality of the relationship; in this sense, they would be more likely to experience an improvement in health as a result of a healthy life together, say the researchers.

Excessive care does more harm than good

The researchers also noted that excessive control can increase stress for spouses. Many studies have shown that unhappy marriages can be harmful to the body, heart and mind. And one study in particular closely followed approximately 10,000 Danes for 11 years and concluded that people with demanding partners had a risk of 50 to 100% higher early mortality than those who lived in more tranquil and peaceful relationships.

Do you believe controlling wives can improve their husbands’ health and make their lives longer? Share this article with those couples who are in such relationships to find out what they think.

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