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Strong and Powerful Prayers – Blog

A prayer can be theoretically defined as a religious act, a conversation, an act of praise. But we all know that in practice prayers are much more than that. They connect us with God, with faith, with the sacred, and we know, in addition, that strong and powerful prayers can change our lives.

Strong and Powerful Prayers – Prayer to Achieve a Desire

“Today I… (say your full name), at this time, place and day, acknowledge myself to You Lord Jesus Christ as a sinner, and I humbly ask for the forgiveness of my sins.

Today I beg you to look at me Lord with your eyes full of kindness and love and convert all the darkness of my life into radiant light, please Lord, wash me with Your Precious Blood, cover me with your mantle, extend to me the your Mighty hand and comfort my soul, calm my restlessness.

I beg you, Lord Jesus, remove from my path all obstacles, both spiritual and material, that block and hinder my existence.

Lord, remove all evil, envy, harm, or ill will against me, against my family, my possessions, around me and increase day by day my faith in You.

Tie me to the most holy heart of your Mother, the Lady and Queen of Heaven, my beloved Virgin Mary, so that nothing can hurt me and cause harm.

May my life reach well-being, may I advance and improve at work, may all my ventures be successful, may my investments have luck and fortune; make my sentimental life full, that I have the loved one by my side and that I can be reciprocated in love.

Allow me to achieve material prosperity and have what it takes to live comfortably, help me to fulfill my dreams, above all, my Lord, grant me:

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Lord I ask believing in Your Most Holy Will and in Your Infinite Mercy and Wisdom.

Today I want to renounce to all that which is neither worthy nor grateful in your eyes, and I place my trust in your Power, Holy Father of Eternal Love, knowing that you hear the sincere prayers of my soul and that your tenderness and tenderness will not be denied to me. mercy to solve my difficulties and deficiencies.

So be it. ”

Strong and Powerful Prayers – Saint Cyprian’s Prayer to Make Money

“Hail Saint Cyprian, make a lot of money, wealth and fortune stay with me forever. Saint Cyprian brought me a lot of money, wealth and fortune.

Just as the rooster crows, the donkey squeals, the bell rings, the goat bellows, so you Saint Cyprian will bring me a lot of money, wealth and fortune.

Just as the sun appears, the rain falls, make Saint Cyprian make money, wealth and fortune dominated by me (your name), so be it.

Stuck under my left foot, with two eyes I see money, wealth and fortune, with three I hold, money, wealth and fortune, with my Guardian Angel I ask that a lot of money, wealth and fortune come to me. Like a crawling snake that money, wealth and fortune only feel very close to me, that I can’t stay with those who don’t deserve it, that I don’t stay with anyone other than me, that meets all my wishes, buying whatever I want, spending however I want, that never make me suffer for running out of money, that when I sleep and always wake up, money, wealth and fortune are inside my house, my purse, my pocket, of my company or wherever I am.

May money, wealth and fortune not be far from me, may their values ​​always be high, very high, aimed only at me, may money, wealth and fortune São Cipriano be very valuable to me. So be it. By the power of Saint Cyprian, so be it. May a lot of money, wealth and fortune in bunches, come after me, so that we can have comfort, fame, power, health, help the most needy, have a good relationship and thus be happy.

I ask Saint Cyprian, that money, wealth and fortune seek me even today, I ask this to the power of the three black souls who watch Saint Cyprian, so be it. May money, wealth and fortune come soon to my home, my life, my company and my business. May the enemies not see us, do not see us, so be it, so it will be, so it is done.

O Saint Cyprian and the Three Black Souls who watch over Saint Cyprian, heed my request.”

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Strong and Powerful Prayers – Prayer Against Depression

“Beloved Lord, sometimes I feel so depressed that I can’t even pray. Please release me from this captivity. I thank You, Lord, for Your liberating power and, in the mighty name of Jesus, I cast out the evil one from me: spirit of depression, of hatred, of fear, of self-pity, of oppression, of guilt, of unforgiveness and any another negative force that has invested against me. And I bind them and cast them out in the name of Jesus.

Lord, break all the chains that bind me. Jesus, I ask You to come back with me until the moment when this depression attacked me and free me from the roots of this evil. Heals all my painful memories. Fill me with Your love, Your peace, Your joy. I ask You to restore in me the joy of my salvation.

Lord Jesus, allow joy to flow like a river from the depths of my being. I love You, Jesus, I praise You. Bring to my mind all the things I can thank You for. Lord, help me to reach You and touch You; to keep my eyes on You and not on problems. I thank you, Lord, for guiding me to the exit of the valley. It is in the name of Jesus that I beseech you. Amen”

Strong and Powerful Prayers – Saint George’s Prayer to Open Paths of Love

“O my Saint George, my Saint Warrior and protector,

Invincible in faith in God, who sacrificed himself for him,
Bring hope in your face and open my ways.
With your breastplate, your sword and your shield,
Which represent faith, hope and charity,
I will walk dressed, so that my enemies
Having feet don’t reach me,
Having hands don’t catch me,
Having eyes don’t see me
And not even thoughts can they have, to hurt me.
Firearms to my body will not reach,
Knives and spears will break without my body reaching,
Ropes and chains will break without my body touching.
O glorious noble knight of the red cross,
You who, with your spear in hand, defeated the evil dragon,
Also defeat all the problems that I’m going through right now
O Glorious Saint George,
In the name of God and our Lord Jesus Christ
Extend your shield and your mighty weapons to me,
Defending me with your strength and greatness
From my carnal and spiritual enemies.
O Glorious Saint George,
Help me to overcome all discouragement
And to reach the grace that I now ask of you
(Make your wish)
O Glorious Saint George,
In this very difficult time of my life
I beg you that my request be granted
And that with your sword, your strength and your power of defense
I can cut off all the evil that stands in my way.
O Glorious Saint George,
Give me courage and hope,
Strengthen my faith, my spirit of life and help me in my request.
O Glorious Saint George,
Bring peace, love and harmony to my heart,
To my home and to everyone around me.
O Glorious Saint George,
By the faith I place in you:
Guide me, defend me and protect me from all harm.

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