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Striped dress: create amazing looks with this piece that never goes out of style

Stripes are a basic and timeless print that never goes out of style. They are always present in looks with a more relaxed and light touch, even in more elaborate productions.

The striped dress is the mix of a functional and versatile piece of women’s wardrobe with one of the most beloved prints in the fashion world. The result is practical looks, ranging from a movie theater to a more formal event.

You can create looks of various styles with the striped dress, for more funky and modern compositions the sure bet is to combine it with sneakers, for more formal productions, the blazer and high heels are the right choice.

A lot of people still have doubts about how to use the piece, so we prepared some tips in partnership with the style consultant Danyla Borobia on how to wear the striped dress on different occasions.

fitted striped dress

A versatile model that goes from day to day to the ballad. “What will set the tone of the style will be the fabrics and colors, in addition to the accessories. For more festive or formal events, it is best to opt for low contrast, between the stripes, a guaranteed trick to make the look more sophisticated. Betting on powerful accessories and opting for a third piece, a blazer, for example, will make the silhouette more elongated and elegant”, explains Danyla.

fluid striped dress

This model is stripped to the right measure, in addition to being a great ally for the hottest days. Danyla explains that it’s great for creating movement and disguising a few extra pounds. To match the loose dress, the consultant gives some shoe tips: “the fluid models look great with more open shoes, flat shoes, but they can also be combined with sneakers or even with shoes with a masculine shape”.

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striped flared dress

A model with a romantic and super feminine touch, the striped dress adjusts and balances any silhouette. “A good trick to elongate the silhouette is to invest in nude shoes (each skin has its own tone) and at the top a good V-neck or a longer necklace, acting as a cleavage”, advises Danyla.

long striped dress

Versatile and elegant, the long striped dress is a good choice for formal evening events or a simple Sunday lunch. “Long dresses can elongate the silhouette, just opt ​​for dresses with slits, deep and V-necklines, or use a belt to accentuate the higher waist,” says Danyla.

striped midi dress

The darling model of the moment also appears striped and stylish. The style consultant gives some tips for using the model: “for formal events it is best to wear maxi necklaces, a crossbody bag or clutch and powerful heels on your feet, while for daytime and more casual events you can bet on sneakers, flatform , backpack or bag, and in daylight events a hat, ankle boots or boots.” Tying a shirt or denim jacket at the waist is a style trick to balance out the silhouette, guarantees Danyla.

short striped dress

The short dress transits between various styles and occasions. But the style consultant gives some tips to compose the look: “Shorter dresses can parade at night, at parties, with powerful accessories and during the day with casual shoes and a third piece, which can be a shirt, jacket or vest, to make the look more balanced.”

b&w striped dress

The black and white striped dress is a classic and super timeless. Perfect for any occasion, even a more formal event. “The models and configurations of the stripes are the most varied, here all the rules and compositions already mentioned apply. Remembering that this composition is of high contrast, that is, it can expand the silhouette, to soften it, just look for thinner stripes with little spacing”, explains Danyla.

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Long sleeve striped dress

A great option for the cooler days, not to mention that the long sleeve gives an extra charm to the look. The style consultant gives some tips for composing different looks with the piece: “on the coldest days it can be composed with boots, tights and a coat. For the cooler days, it is possible to wear flats or flatforms, the vests make the look more modern, depending on the model of the dress, it can be worn with belts.”

Striped dress with sneakers

For a more basic and funky look, the big bet is to compose the look with sneakers. But the style consultant gives some tips for those who still have doubts about how to use the two pieces: “It is worth remembering that the sock must be transparent. And in order not to flatten the silhouette, it is necessary to pay attention to the dress, remembering that mini lengths tend to elongate the silhouette, as well as slits, necklines, long necklaces, belts, third piece and vertical stripes.”

the ideal striped

Danyla gives some styling tips on the types of stripes out there and how they can influence the look.

Vertical stripes: this type of stripe gives the feeling of a thinner and longer silhouette, as it pulls the eye from top to bottom, the person’s height sense, however, the width of the stripes can influence, the wider ones can give the opposite effect, to do this just insert a third part.

Horizontal stripes: horizontal stripes tend to give the feeling of expansion of the silhouette, because of this it is excellent to help balance the silhouette, just use it in the region of the body that the woman wants to give this feeling of amplitude. They are very common in Navy-style looks, when the stripes have high contrast and are composed with the colors: navy blue, white, black and red.

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Diagonal stripes: this type of stripe is more democratic, they are usually used to give a visual illusion of a thinner silhouette, the eyes, in addition to going in the vertical direction, go to the horizontal.

Asymmetrical stripes: are those that have different widths, directions and mix horizontals with verticals and/or diagonals, have the same effect as diagonal stripes, are used in dresses, skirts and blouses.

Colored stripes: colors also influence the silhouette and style. The very vivid, light and colorful colors tend to visually increase the silhouette and give an air of informality to the look. The stripes with gradient effect, horizontal and monochromatic, are great for disguising love handles or a wider hip.

6 amazing striped dresses to buy online

Check out a selection of striped dresses for you to buy and make your look of the day beautiful.

You will find several models, from the most basic, black and white, to the most cool, colorful and with various types of stripes. Choose what best suits your style!

More inspirational looks with striped dress

We’ve separated some looks from bloggers wearing a striped dress for you to be inspired by. They are stylish productions, for everyday life or even for more formal events.

Now just choose a striped dress that has everything to do with you and rock the looks of the day!

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