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Steven Tyler founded an organization that supports abused women and girls

Steven Tyler is mostly known for being the lead singer of the band. aerosmith🇧🇷 But he has also appeared on shows like The Simpsons (as a drawing, of course), Saturday Night Live and was a jury in the talent program American Idol. And as if that weren’t enough to prove his enormous talent, he was chosen as one of the 100 best singers in history by the magazine Rolling Stone.

Even so, it is likely that you do not know about his work focused on philanthropy. Thanks to fame and life experience, Tyler decided to create a foundation to support girls who suffered abuse.

O awesome.club will tell you more about this project by the singer who, with the help of other celebrities and foundations, managed to improve the lives of several victims of this problem.

A philanthropic initiative to give hope and healing

THE Janie’s Fundfoundation created by the singer together with the NGO youth villageshas as main objective raise awareness of abuse and neglect, in addition to supporting all the women and girls who have suffered from this problem, building several support houses in the United States. The foundation also provides financial assistance to ensure that every victim overcomes the trauma caused by abuse.

All donations, according to the foundation’s website, are used in existing programs. THE Youth Villages, partner entity, help providing experimental therapies to replace those that are not effective. The work focuses especially on young people in orphanages, who move into adulthood with almost no family support.

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Why Steven Tyler decided to create this foundation

It all started when the singer met a woman during one of his drug recovery therapies. She told him that she had been sexually abused as a child, which led her, for a time, to go down the wrong path. This situation inspired one of Aerosmith’s most famous songs, Janie’s Got a Gun, whose lyrics tell the story of a young woman who was abused by her own father. Since its release in 1989, Tyler has asked himself many questions, such as: what would have happened if Janie had had the help needed to overcome this trauma?

Nowadays, the singer has a huge fortune and, for that reason, like so many other celebrities, he decided to share a little of what he achieved with those who need it most. Furthermore, the fact of being a grandfather motivated him to leave another kind of legacy to the world. So after searching for a while, he found the aforementioned youth villagesan organization with effective programs that works with holistic approaches to help people overcome their traumas.

And the rockstar brought together celebrities to launch the project

With the help of youth villages and event organizer Live Nation, it was possible to hold the Inaugural Party Janie’s Fund during the 2018 Grammy Festival Celebration🇧🇷 The event was held at the historic Hollywood RED studio, with an elegant reception, dinner and a series of unforgettable presentations, according to the press that attended the meeting.

The party, in its first edition, managed to raise the equivalent of 10 million reais. The second edition, held this year, raised the equivalent of 12 million reais. Among the celebrities who attended the event were Randy Jackson, Ashley Tisdale, Alice Cooper, Olivia Wilde, Cody Simpson and Sharon Stone, responsible for the opening. Furthermore, and as it should be, Aerosmith presented some of their classics, such as Janie’s Got a Gun🇧🇷 Sweet Emotion🇧🇷 cryin and Dream On.

An artist creates special gifts for girls who complete activities at the Janie’s Fund

“I am Janie”

April is Child Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the US, and for that reason, in April, the Janie’s Fund launched a campaign, named “I am Janie” (in Portuguese, “I am Janie”) to raise society’s awareness of this problem and show that, although many people do not experience the problem directly, at the end of the day, we are affected in some way for this phenomenon.

Testimonials from people who want to help any victim of abuse and neglect to overcome their traumas are shared weekly on the foundation’s social media. With the participation of influencers such as Jane Lynch, Terry Crews and Rumer Willis, the campaign has managed to reach a total of more than 500 thousand people.

Did you know Steven Tyler’s initiative? How would you help people affected by abuse issues and other related difficulties? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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