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Stay with me forever?


I’m still kind of embarrassed about our reunion. It seems like it was the first time we saw each other. I have a feeling it was love at first sight for the second time, just like the first time we met.

It’s been a long time since the last breath by your side, when you decided to let go of my hand and walk alone. I know it wasn’t for you. You did it for me. Yes, you knew all my doubts about us. Yes, I was the one with my head spinning not knowing which way to turn. You preferred to let me talk to myself, in the hope that they would enlighten me about all the dust that hovered in my mind. Honestly, this is what I needed. A few moments for me. A few moments to take care of myself, my ego, my passionate way of seeing things.

And I let myself go, hoping that when I came back, you’d be in exactly the same place, waiting for me.

I’ve always been in love with you, but maybe we went too fast and that scared my heart. But now, the fright has given way to an uncontrollable hunger for you. And I say this still a little embarrassed…

I missed you. Another thing would not be expected. I missed your delicate hands and the smell of your perfume. I missed your lips and your skin. Of your hazel eyes and your shy freckles. I missed your caresses in my hair and even the tickle attacks that made me make sad figures. I missed your tight hugs and your kiss on the neck. Of your biting in the ear and of your whispers in the ear. I missed our phone conversations and your dry jokes. From your morning laziness and your restless way of being.

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