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I’m one of those people that when you fall in love, you really fall in love.

If I hear a song, I remember, if I hear a similar expression from a stranger’s mouth, I miss it, I’m dying to hear the voice, I’m waiting for a call, looking at the photos and remembering every moment, because when it comes to passion, my memory is as perfect as possible, to the point of being irritating.

When there’s that distance, it hurts a lot.
It hurts, cuts and hurts intensely.
I sit down, play all those songs, look at all the pictures, text, and I don’t shy away from my pain.

When I become aware of everything, of the situation, I sit down and simply put everything out of my soul. Of course, it’s not simple, it takes days and weeks and even a month or two, but when it all comes out, when everything passes, all that’s left are the memories of something good that happened in my life, at a time that had its relevance to me. teach and I can even feel grateful for that person’s passage through my life.

After all these phases, nothing shakes me anymore.. No other beautiful music, no photos or possibilities, no requests.. I only do what is in my time and, after so long, just for me, just for me…

And the best of all passages: I feel at peace with life!

Grazielle Vieira

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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