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Spiritual Meaning of the Snake – Transformation and Renewal 🐍

Most of the time, snakes are considered treacherous animals, but to what extent does this represent their symbology? In truth, the snake’s spiritual meaning can be much more positive than you can imagine. Fertility, rebirth, healing, wisdom and spiritual strength are some of the main interpretations.

Continue reading this article, find out why these snake meanings and what they can represent in your life!

What is the spiritual meaning of the snake?

When you think of snake symbology, probably the first image that comes to mind is that of the serpent that convinced Eve to taste the forbidden fruit. Clearly this reflects some negative aspects such as betrayal, corruption, falsehood and temptation.

Nonetheless, the spiritual meaning of the snake goes far beyond. In general, snakes are symbols of life force, healing and renewal, rebirth, the creation of life, fertility and even sensuality. Its representation depends a lot on the culture or religion in which it is inserted.

Meaning of the snake in Buddhism

In Buddhism, for example, the snake is associated with the Buddha’s own story. The Serpent King, Mucalinda, was responsible for protecting Buddha shortly after he reached his enlightenment. In this case, we have a stronger spiritual meaning for the protection side, especially against negative energies.

Meaning of snake in Hinduism

In Hinduism, the snake or serpent symbolizes some deities and, at the same time, the energy kundalini. This energy is also known as the Fiery Serpent or Fire Serpent, being a representation of the life force hidden within all of us.

It is a huge source of physical and spiritual energy concentrated at the base of the spine. In addition, according to Hindu mythology, snakes and Kundalini itself are also associated with fertility and sexual energy.

The snake and the symbol of Medicine

You can even see the snake depicted in Medicine with the staff of Aesculapius with a coiled serpent. Its origin comes from Greek mythology and the god Asclepius, the god of healing. Soon, the Medicine snake symbolizes healing and the ability to regenerate.

In general terms, the spiritual meaning of the snake can be understood much more strongly on the side of good, although people still have the bad concepts associated with the animal. But you can rest assured, as snakes are symbols that are very rich in positive meanings for your life.

Snake Meaning in Shamanism

When it comes to Shamanism, we also have the snake as one of the power animals. The spiritual meaning of the snake in Shamanism is linked to the power of healing, regeneration, vitality and transformation.

The snake can shed its skin frequently and adapt to changes easily. Therefore, if the snake is your totem animalmeans that you have a great ability and wisdom to adapt to changes, even if they are drastic.

The Ouroboros Serpent

Another very common doubt is regarding the spiritual meaning of the Ouroboros serpent. Also known as “the serpent that devours its own tail”, it is a very strong symbol in Egyptian mythology and in other cultures, such as Japan and Greece.

Ouroboros represents the cycle of life and time, continuity, infinity, creation, destruction and resurrection. It is a symbol of renewal, birth and death. It is also associated with the creation of the universe itself.

For Buddhism, Ouroboros is a representation of how to evolve spiritually, as there is no beginning or end. It is the cyclic energy and the totality of the world, concepts also related to Ouroboros in Alchemy.

snake tattoo meaning

The meaning of snake tattoos can vary depending on the culture as well. At first, each snake tattoo carries a meaning that the person himself chose to have represented on his body. But, in general, the main symbologies are usually renewal and rebirth.

Among other interpretations for snake tattoos, we have:

  • Healing and transformation;
  • Power and strength;
  • Danger and temptation;
  • Fertility;
  • Knowledge and wisdom.

The style of the tattoo also has a big influence on its meaning. For example, a Japanese snake can be a symbol of protection against disease and bad luck, or even represent luck, life force and change.

On the other hand, a snake tattoo based on the Chinese Horoscope is related to aspects such as: wisdom, mystery, seduction, sensuality and creativity.

What does it mean to dream about snake?

As well as the spiritual meaning of the snake, dreaming of the animal brings several symbolisms that must be attributed according to the details of the dream. For example, the meaning of dreaming about a snakebite is different from one in which the animal is harmless.

Therefore, to find out more, we recommend that you read our specific article to unravel the meaning of your snake dream!

In fact, even the color of the snake in dreams can bring different interpretations to your life. Check below the main meanings of dreaming about snakes according to their color:

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