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Spiritual Cleansing Of The House

I am going to explain to you how to do a spiritual cleansing in a house and to change in this way 180 degrees the energy flow of it.

Spiritual cleansing the home

Spiritual cleansing of your home

Spiritual Cleansing of the House

The passage of time, the transit of our family and friends, the negative charge due to our daily concerns and other reasons (from the existence of non-dimensional tenants to problems in the energy balance), can generate an energetic and dimensionless dirt that will greatly impede the life of the residents of your home.

In these situations, do not hesitate, it becomes necessary to perform a spiritual cleansing of your home.

Below I will detail the most simple, effective, home and free mechanism to do a correct spiritual cleaning for the house.

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How do I know if my home is spiritually clean? There are some tests you can do before beginning a spiritual cleansing ritual in your home. I recommend walking through all the rooms of your house with the intention of detecting and feeling the energy present.

  • Does the energy feel light and shiny?
  • Or do you feel heavy and dark?
  • Are there certain areas of the house that feel denser than others?
  • In any room feel chaos or confusion?

If, after using your perception, you feel that spiritual cleansing is necessary, there are several types of home spiritual cleansing that you can use. I have used all these methods successfully. Bottom line: If the energy fields in the home are stagnant, these exercises will help you to clean them. You should know that visitors who come and go as well as arguments, tensions and other disturbing energies can stay in your home and disturb harmony. That is why it is important to do at least one spiritual cleansing ritual from time to time. I recommend a month.

1. Cleaning with Sage

My favorite way to balance and clean energy at home is the Native American tradition of burning sage. Turn it on and let it burn for a moment and then just hold the sage on an ashtray, walk from one room to another chanting this mantra: “Sacred Sage cleans my space“. I also use sage to clean my own energy field. The aroma awakens powerful ancestral memories.

2. Blessed Rose Water

Spiritual cleansing the home

Spiritual cleansing the home

A simple, sweet and very effective way to do a spiritual cleansing at home is through the use of the Blessed Rose Water. Buy the best brand of essential rose oil you can get, the most expensive oils are usually purer, and this will serve better. Roses are associated with the Holy Mother and divine feminine energy with which a sweet energy will be the one that brings calm to your home. Put a few drops of oil in a spray bottle with purified water. Say a prayer over the water and bless it. Go from one room to another by spraying the water and cleaning your home. Use this water to spray around your own. This is very refreshing and easy to do.

3. Spiritual Cleanse at Home with Lemon

You’ll need:

  • Half lemon.
  • 2 tablespoons salt.
  • A few drops of wine vinegar.
  • Scrub bucket and a mop or mop.

The first step will be, once we have all the elements ready on a table, to go through all our house (from the inner rooms to the door of the home), while we thank the Universe for having this home. You can say the following prayer:

“I thank you for the protection and warmth that you provide me home and request your permission to energetically cleanse these rooms”

Once we have shown gratitude and requested permission to the invisible forces to initiate this ritual we will fill the bucket with tap water and we will add, in this order, the following elements:

  1. The juice of half a lemon.
  2. 2 tablespoons of salt.
  3. A few drops of wine vinegar.
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Now we will prepare to carry out the cleaning. It is important that while you perform the ritual, to keep a positive attitude, feeling the energy of each room and feeling like negativity, bad energies and those barriers and obstacles are deposited in the water bucket while the ritual we have prepared shielding our stays with strength, well-being, and protection.

The cleaning will be done from the rooms farther from the main entrance until arriving at the front door of the house.

Once the ritual is over, you proceed to discard the water down the toilet or dispose of it out in the street. Of course, with a sufficient distance from the door of your house.

4. The Power of the Angels

All the archangels and their personal angels are at your service and ready to help you. The archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel are at your command. Ask for the power of these angelic energies to walk with you through all the rooms in your home. Visualize how the divine light balances and cleans every square inch of the house. Imagine these angelic beings forming a circle around you and bathed in the light.

5. The power of Jesus Christ

It is not necessary to be of the Christian faith to make use of this power. It works for any faith. I always use what works best for me, and this works. If you have detected the presence of really dark energies in your house or around you, it is time to resort to the strongest healing power of all: the power of Jesus Christ. When Jesus walked the Earth in his physical form, the dark energies moved away from him. The same power is available to us today.

No matter what religion you are or what you believe about Jesus, there is power in the sacred name. Here is a simple prayer you can use in the spiritual cleansing of the home:

“I call on the power of Jesus Christ to cleanse and release the dark energies of my energy field and my home. I ask the angels to escort these energies into the light. Amen.”

Caution: It is important not to curse or hate the dark energies. If they are negative energies, this will only give them more power – which will also put you in a state of fear, which is the opposite of love. Just say the prayer and leave it to Jesus and the angels to send all the dark energies out of your energy field.

6. Remove a curse

Spiritual cleansing TAT pose

Spiritual cleansing TAT posture

This is not really a method of spiritual house cleaning, but if you feel that you have been cursed in any way, you can use this exercise. The most powerful way to eliminate a curse is through the power of forgiveness and love. Feeling frustration or rancor is not the best way out of this, only love will keep you from the curse. Keep in mind that a “curse” may simply be the energetic manifestation of thoughts of envy or hatred that someone has directed toward you. This can create a chaotic energy pattern.

For this, we will use TAT energy therapy. Put your hands in the TAT posture (see photo) and say:

“I feel damn.”

Let the feelings surface and continue the treatment.

“I ask the divine light to help me in the complete forgiveness of this person, or persons, known or unknown.

I release any need to blame them or make them pay for any damage that has been done.

I release any need to get sympathy or care because of these conditions.

I ask and allow the divine light and love to cleanse and balance my energy field, my physical body, mental body, and spiritual body.

I completely release any effect of this curse to light.

I ask the divine light to fill my being with the energy of continuous forgiveness. I am very grateful. Amen”.

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