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Love Spells You Can Cast at Home

How to make someone think of you all the time?

Today we will see a series of white witchcraft spells to enter to the head of that special person who you want to attract, and do think only about you. These spells, I think, work really well for me and that is why I am sharing them here. This type of spells is better to do during the waxing moon. With the beams of the full moon, the spell for a person thinks in you will also be powerful and effective.

Love Magic that Works

Love Magic that Works

White magic to make him think about you

This spell to make someone think about you worked for me and many other people. You can realize when someone is already thinking about you or is more or less attentive to you. Don’t be afraid to try it. Many of my first love spells worked for me so fast that, basically, they couldn’t be just coincidences. I suggest to start slowly with small experiments, and if this spell to make someone think of you does not work at the beginning, you can continue browsing the blog in search of other simpler spells.

Spell to make him think of you

You’ll need:

  • 1 small mirror
  • A photo of him/her
  • Photo of you
  • Belief in the power of magic and the powers within yourself

Take the mirror and place the photo of him or her facing against the reflecting side, so that they are facing the mirror. On the other side, also looking inwards, place your photo. Tape them securely. Now, on the back of your photo, you will write these words. Hold the mirror close to your heart and chant the same words 3 times:

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“With these words I now decree,
Every time your reflection you see,
You are going to think only of me.
This is my wish, So mote it be.”

Keep the mirror in your purse or pocket, taking it with you wherever you go for 30 days. Surely you will see the results long before this, but it could take up to 30 days. Just believe.

Love Spells with Shoes

One of the main aspects of spells of African origin is the belief that they can influence and dominate a person through their feet, causing all sorts of misfortunes. Here, we will see a traditional spell of the shoe to dominate or control someone, also known as the spell of the paper on a shoe, and other spells with shoes to make someone fall in love with you.

Spell of the shoe to dominate a man

Also known as the spell of the paper on the shoe, this famous shoe spell works to control someone, master or dominate, usually a man, but you can also try it if your goal is to dominate a woman. It’s very simple: write the name of the person 9 times on a piece of paper, then fold it twice. There are those who say that anoint it with oil and powder gives more power to the spell. For this, you can use sunflower oil and jojoba oil, powder of herbs such as rosemary and cinnamon. Then place the piece of paper in your left shoe. This ritual act, popularly known as a spell of the left shoe, puts the person at your feet, and thus you obtain control over this man or woman.

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There are variations to this spell. A variation is to put the paper in your shoe, and give 9 strong stomping on the floor using the foot, while you repeat “I command you”.

Read more about Shoe Spells here.

How to retrieve a lost love

Easy Love Spells At Home

Easy Love Spells At Home

Are you looking for spells to retrieve a lost love? Your man or woman left you and you are looking to get them back with magic spells, here are some:

If you want a spell of love to get them back to your side, perform the following ritual:

1 Choose one of two spells that I’m going to give, don’t do both. If you want to cast the two, I suggest you wait at least a month after the first ritual before doing the second.

2. After casting it, forget about the spell. When you constantly think about the spell you cast, your mind overrides the results, so ideally you should cast it and then forget about it for a while.

3. To bring the person back you must not harass them, make as if his departure didn’t affect you and instead of crying or thinking about it, try to focus your energy on something else.

Spells to retrieve a lost love

Select the spell more pleasing to you since with both I’ve got good results.

Spell #1
You will need:

  • Beer
  • Water
  • A glass
  • A red rose
  • A white handkerchief
  • Paper and pencil
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Write your goal on the piece of paper, then place it between the glass with half beer and half water. Do this without dropping any liquids on your altar or table. Now take two petals of the rose and add them into the glass.

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Take the glass paper, and place them at a site where the light of the full moon will touch it, placing the glass on top of the paper. The next day, take the petals from the glass and wrap them with the white handkerchief, along with the paper.

This little package is saved in a drawer where you have underwear and should stay there until you get the desired results.

Spell #2

You will need:

  • Three tablespoons of honey
  • Red Ribbon
  • Paper and pen
  • Red cloth

In an end of the paper , write your name and on the other end write the name of the beloved, now fold it so that the names are one facing the other. Roll it into a tube and use the ribbon to make three knots.

Drop three tablespoons of honey over the paper and place it inside a red cloth, that will cover it completely. Have faith and with these spells to recover a love lost, your ex will return.

Keep browsing this website to find more love spells and Magic rituals.

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