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Spells To Make Him Call You On the Phone

Have you ever wanted someone to call you on the phone? Here are some simple magic spells and rituals for you to make someone call you now, be it a man or a woman.

Spell to make him call you

Spell to make him call you

The first of these spells I found while searching for spells to get him to call me on the phone in modern books of shadows. The most important thing when working with love spells and binding magic is to understand that if the person is not destined to contact you or cross paths with you at this time, then it definitely will not happen. The spell to make him call you works, but always within the parameters of the free will of people. What these white magic spells really do for you is to push the impulse that the person has inside of them, and give them the security and confidence to call you right away.

How to get him to call me in 10 minutes

This is an updated spell to be used with a cell phone. It can take effect from 10 minutes to 3 days. For me, it usually takes a day. It can be used on anyone for any reason.

To get them to call you soon, you’ll need the following items:

  • A piece of paper.
  • A pen
  • Dill
  • Oregano
  • Caraway

Write on the piece of paper either the initials of the person that you wish will call you or the name of the place if you are expecting a phone call from a job and do not know the name of the person who will call you.

Place this piece of paper under your cell phone, or even your laptop if you are expecting an email. Slowly scatter the herbs in a clockwise direction around your phone. Meditate and visualize the person picking up their phone and calling you or sending you a message. What do you want this person to tell you when they call? Maybe you just want to receive a friendly phone call without any particular message. Or maybe it’s important news about a good result. Think about it and focus on that for a few minutes. Now say the following spell:

“Herbs, Oh Mercury, address to me the call that I wish to receive”

You can change the word “call” for “text”, “email” or whatever you are expecting. Leave your phone with the herbs scattered around it while you sleep, it’s a good idea to turn off other notifications, not because of the spell, but instead to take some time to focus on yourself and what you really want. It’s not so much about the person who will be calling you or what they will tell you, but about yourself. Receiving useless Facebook notifications when you’re expecting something important can be really annoying and distracting. Keep your phone away from you until it rings. Do not burden yourself with any emotions related to this whole situation, continue with your day normally and you will receive the call / text / letter / email.

I have tried this spell with friends I have not heard of in years, employers and even people I hardly knew and it always works. I always get a response and I never call them first, but I let them get in touch with me.

Spell to make him call you

This first “call me spell” can be made at any time and during any lunar phase. You will need:

  • A piece of paper.
  • A blue marker.
  • A symbolic image of an angel or messenger. It could be a butterfly, an airplane, a bird, an angel or something else.

I always carry my guardian angel with me so I know the spell can’t go wrong. If you need a pocket-sized figurine that will assist you, you can find them on Amazon:

Draw the image you have chosen in the center of the paper with the blue marker. Hold the paper in your hand and say:

“Air Element, I would like (name of person) to call me if he or she wants.
Please help me in sending this message to (name of person) “.

Write the name of the person below the picture, along with the following words:

“I would like to know from you. Please call me”.

Then sign with your name.

Spell to get him to call you now

Spell to get him to call you now

Hold the paper in your hand and close your eyes. Visualize the person you want to receive this call me spell so they can call you now, picking up the phone and getting in touch with you. Ask your guardian angel to send the message to the person, then fold the paper three times and place it under the phone.

If for some reason you cannot use a telephone, you can write the name of the person in the sender address of a blank envelope, and your name in the center. Write a letter to the person asking her or him to contact you. Remember to place the image of the messenger on the paper too. Fold the letter and put it in the envelope. Seal the envelope and put it in a safe place until you receive your response.

Spell to get him to call on the phone

This is another spell to make a man call you on the phone that is simple to do and has effective and visible results in a short time. Take a piece of parchment or high-quality writing paper and write the name of the person you want to call you on the phone. Write it twice and in the shape a circle, by making the ends meet. In doing this, focus on visualizing the face of the person and your desire to be called immediately. Then, while still focusing, pass a needle through the center of the circle created by the name. Place the spell near the phone.

The call will come in 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days, depending on how well you have executed the spell, your visualization powers and how much willpower you have put. This spell works wonderfully for most people.

Another spell to make him call you now

This is another spell to make a man or woman call you fast. If you want a specific person to call you, take a small piece of paper and write the name of the person you want to call you. Put it under your phone. For this, I prefer to remove the back cover of my cell phone and tape the paper inside.
Say the name of the person 3 times, and pronounce:

“As I say these words in a low voice,
Let the element of the Air guide this spell,
In your mind I will be, it is me that you will see,
You will think of calling, and so it will be.
By the power of 3 x 3, this is my will. So be it”.

Then focus on the person, visualize how he calls you, put all your intention and energy into it. This spell has worked for me, not always, but enough so that I use it a lot and recommend it extensively. I hope it works for you.

About these magic spells to make someone call you

Spell to make him call you

Spell to make him call you

Sometimes the lack of communication means the end of a relationship because it can mean that a person is no longer interested in you. Sometimes a phone call becomes very important because it has the power to bring two people together again. Thus, it can function as a trigger of the relationship and play a vital role in any type of love relationships.

If you love someone in secret, but you do not know how much he thinks about you or cares for you, then you can know through telephone conversations. You can make him or her contact you or call you with the help of these white magic rituals. If it does not work, there is always the possibility that you start the conversation by calling first. You can erase all your doubts and approach that person through a simple phone call.

This concludes our article on spells to get him to call me. Keep reading this website to learn more about using white magic and thus ensure success in all your spells and rituals.

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