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Sometimes love doesn’t end, but patience comes to an end


Finding love is not that difficult, compared to the arduous task of keeping the affective flame lit that keeps us close to those we love. After finding our love, there is a long way to go, for feelings to strengthen and make the joint journey full of complicity and mutual admiration.

People come from different universes, have gone through their own experiences, survived unique storms and, suddenly, they need to confront everything they are with someone from outside, they need to try to harmonize perspectives that are often dissonant and distant, in favor of the need to love. and be loved. Passion arrives, snatches us and launches us towards another world, into which we will dive blindly, in order to satisfy the hunger for love that is so ours.

Daily coexistence is not easy, since time shows us and lays bare us in everything we are, in the same way that it brings us the truths about who is there by our side, even those truths that bother us. Unfortunately, few are willing to take risks, to step out of their comfort zone, to reflect on what they themselves and others have done with their lives in order to improve it.


  • Date someone you can call love and also best friend

Whoever is not willing to give himself totally to the other, as love requires, will fatally end up dedicating the least of himself to the other, condemning him to a lonely emptiness caused by an incomplete presence. Those who do not give themselves completely to love will not give up anything, they will not hear the whispers of the person next to them, they will not look deeply into their eyes, they will not feel the acceleration of the heart that beats nearby, they will not respond to desires, no he will touch the skin, he will not, in short, give due importance to those who have always been by his side.

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  • My biggest mistake was letting you go

And no one will indefinitely endure the contempt, indifference, silent aggression and empty company of those who one day promised to love him for the rest of his life. Love does not accept lack of respect, does not survive from the past, much less feeds on one-sided hopes and null correspondence. Only love, only love, only memories of what once was but is no more, none of that will be able to keep two people together. Because love is patient, yes, but it has the exact limit of the dignity we have left at the end of the day. Nothing more than that.

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