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Solarized water: how to prepare the energy drink

Have you heard about solarized water? This simple method of solar energy can help alleviate depression and discouragement, in addition to removing fixed ideas and having more courage, calm and balance.

What is solar water used for?

Sunlight often has a purifying, renewing, and revitalizing effect. When we drink water that has been exposed to the sun’s rays, we allow these benefits to flow to different parts of our body, renewing and revitalizing the organism.

In addition solarized water it also allows the chakras (seven main energy centers distributed along our spine) to absorb the energy of the sun’s rays and send its beneficial properties throughout all the systems of the body.

In addition to energizing the water with the sun’s rays, it is also possible to take advantage of the benefits of the colors of the glass, working with Chromotherapy. The idea is to enhance the process, bringing even more balance and harmony to the body, mind and emotions.

Below, see the meaning of some of the colors to be able to determine which one to use in the glass of water according to the issue that needs to be worked on the most. Finally, see how to prepare a solarized water and tips on how to consume.

Meaning of glass colors

Red – it is stimulating, removes depression and takes away discouragement. It is the color of conquests, passions and sexuality.
Yellow – it is activating and dynamic, it acts on mental processes. Yellow drives away fixed ideas and increases reasoning ability. It is the color of intelligence, study and creativity.
Orange – it is restorative and regenerative, it brings recovery after a destructive process and offers the ability to remake what is not right. It’s the color of courage, of facing challenges and bringing self-confidence and self-esteem.
Green – it is calming and balancing. Green improves any negative physical state and energizes the body and soul.
Blue – it brings balance, patience, harmony and serenity, reassuring the body and mind. Helps in cases of insomnia and stress. (A great tip is to also use lavender essential oil during these days to enhance the balancing effect).
Indigo – works on energy balance, intuition, protection, cleaning and purification of environments.
Violet – it is deeply spiritual, mystical and religious. Violet acts on those who are spiritually unbalanced, disbelieving and without connection with divine forces.
Pink – works on affectivity, love, harmony and union, in addition to helping to balance personal and professional relationships.

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How to prepare solarized water

Now that you know the meaning of the colors, choose the issue you most need to work on at the moment and prepare your energizing drink, following it step by step:

coloring the water

Just put mineral water in a transparent glass bottle and then wrap it with colored paper, such as cellophane, in the desired color.

Another possibility is to buy a bottle that has already been colored, which is now found in department or decoration stores.

You can also reuse colored bottles like wine or beer bottles. In that case, they must be sterilized well beforehand, and washed with hot water and soap.

It is worth emphasizing that the bottles used should always be glass, never plastic. In addition, white or transparent bottles (in this case, plastic ones) are not recommended, as they do not offer the benefits of colors. In addition, plastic has toxic materials, such as bisphenol-a, which causes damage to health.

sun exposure

The next step is to cap the bottle and expose it to the sun. Leave it for a minimum period of one hour (strong sun), for half the day (weak sun) or all day (on a rainy day).

The best time to prepare the water is in the morning, from 8 am to 10 am, especially in winter. In summer, the afternoon sun after 3 pm is also advisable.

A tip is to put an ice stone in the water. When it melts, the drink is ready for use.

If you choose to wrap the bottle in cellophane, simply remove it after solarization. That same paper can be used the next time you do the procedure. The bottle only needs to be wrapped in paper when it is being exposed to the sun.

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power-up process

Sunlight, filtered through the glass, energizes the water, which in turn acquires the properties of the selected color.

Water is a conductor of energy, including electricity. Due to this ability to attract and retain any type of energy, both positive and negative, we can consider the aqueous element as an energy accumulator.

It is important to remember that solarized water cannot be boiled or frozen, as the particles become neutral, losing their effect.

Consumption of solarized water

The ideal is to drink one or more glasses of water a day for a period of 15 to 30 days in the chosen color to feel the benefits.

I always guide the person to start with the color green, to balance the body. After the established period, it is possible to prepare the water in another color that you feel the need for.

Another possibility is that the person alternates the consumption of solarized water in green color with other water prepared in a different color. In that case, the ideal is to drink a glass of solarized water with green in the morning and another glass in the afternoon or evening with water made in another tone.

It is worth noting that it is not recommended to use all colors at the same time. In a therapeutic process, we focus on one complaint at a time, and we usually start with the problem that most affects you at that moment.

After that, we gradually started working on other issues. For this reason, it is recommended that you always consult a therapist for guidance.

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Shelf life of solarized water

Once ready, the shelf life of the water may vary, depending on the color with which it has been solarized. See the duration of each one below:

Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow: if the water stays in the refrigerator, the water must be consumed within a week. If you store the drink at room temperature, it will last for a maximum of two days.
Cool colors like blue, indigo, and violet: if the water stays in the refrigerator, the water must be consumed within a week. If you store the drink at room temperature, it will last for three to four days.
Green and pink: the validity of the water is one week, either at room temperature or in the fridge.

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