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Soap for oily skin: 15 great options to control oil

Brazilian women tend to have oily skin, mainly due to the hot weather. Many of them fight battles to control oil and to keep the skin dry for longer. And one of the main products that help them is soap for oily skin.

Responsible for cleaning the skin, it is the soap that will eliminate impurities, control oiliness, in addition to helping with pimples and blackheads. Below is a selection of the 15 most used and recommended soaps for oily skin.

1. Vichy Normaderm deep cleansing gel soap

Vichy’s deep cleansing gel promises, in addition to cleaning the skin, to hydrate it deeply. The product also helps to reduce imperfections such as clogged pores, dilated pores, excessive shine and acne, that is, a complete and perfect soap for oily skin.

“The first very positive point of it is that, despite being for oily skin, it does not dry out.” – Marina Macedo

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2. Effaclar Concentrated Anti-Oil Deep Cleansing Gel Soap, by La Roche

La Roche Posey soap guarantees a deep cleaning of the skin and has a formula developed especially for Brazilian skins. The product reduces oil in a lasting way, in addition to acting in the fight against acne.

“What I like most about Effaclar Concentrate is that it deeply cleanses the skin and removes all the oiliness, without leaving the skin tight.” – Joyce Kitamura

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3. Strong formula soap, from Asepxia

Made especially for oily skin, Asepxia soap promises to perform a deep cleaning, eliminating dead cells, blackheads and pimples. In addition, it has an astringent action and reduces pores.

“I use Asepxia strong formula, because its composition is ideal for those with oily skin and, in addition to fighting pimples, it leaves the skin dry and with a hydration aspect.” – Karla Abelenda

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4. Liquid soap, by Actine

With mattifying action and acne prevention, Actine soap is perfect for oily skin. The product promises up to nine hours of oil control and also offers soothing and moisturizing action, due to aloe vera extract.

“At first you might even think that it doesn’t wash properly, because the skin is very soft when you rinse it off, but I did the test of passing the cotton with toner over it and it cleans really well! “- I’m going in pink

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5. Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Soap

With a gentle glycerin formula, Neutrogena soap deeply cleanses, helping to eliminate pores, oil and impurities. Soap also has antibacterial action which helps fight acne.

“I found this sensation amazing that it also helps to keep oil control during the day, unlike other products that leave the skin dry only at the time of application.” – Female Break

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6. Nivea 2 in 1 combination to oily skin soap

In addition to cleaning deeply, Nivea’s 2-in-1 soap has moisturizing components. Another advantage is to have magnolia extract in its composition, an important active in reducing acnes.

“In contact with damp skin, it foams a lot (I love it), cleans and removes oil well.” – Let’s be honest

7. Cetaphil liquid soap for oily skin

Cetaphil soap is specially made for oily and sensitive skin, having a combination of mild surfactants. Because of these components, the soap cleans deeply, removing impurities, oil and even makeup, but without leaving the skin dry.

“I like him a lot. I think it really cleanses the skin, takes away the oil and makeup and leaves nothing feeling tight.” – I thought

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8. Nupill Derme Control Facial Soap

Cleaning and hydration are the bets for this Nupill soap. With a formula containing salicylic acid, which controls oiliness, and aloe and vera, which helps in hydration, the soap maintains the skin’s natural PH and does not dry it out.

“I noticed that it really controlled the oiliness, especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), leaving the face and neck with a soft touch, thanks to the blend of actives, improving the texture and appearance of the skin.” – Mah Gomes

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9. Oil Control Intensive Cleanser Facial Cleanser by Roc

This cleansing gel has anti-oil action and is suitable for combination, oily or acne-prone skin. Its composition, with salicylic acid and sepicontrol, cleans deeply, in addition to working to reduce oiliness and unclogging pores.

“It leaves the skin very clean and dry, but without the feeling of tightness. It really leaves the oil more controlled and reduces the blackheads. It also doesn’t cause acne. – Don’t touch my bag

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10. Chronos deep cleansing gel soap, by Natura

With the proposal to control oiliness for up to six hours, Natura soap was specially developed for mixed and oily skins. In addition to providing oil control, the product cleans deeply, but gently due to its natural ingredients.

“In the first few days of use, I could feel that my skin was much smoother and cleaner. I have a lot of acne on my forehead and this was the first place the soap had an effect, the skin was very smooth.” – Vanity Emporium

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11. Cleanance Facial Cleanser by Avène

This line of Avène products was specially developed to fight acne on sensitive skin, and the cleansing gel does not have soap in its formula. It is a product suitable for daily cleaning, purifying and controlling oiliness, but without harming.

“Cleanance gel cleans and removes excess oil efficiently without causing irritation or dryness. Controls oil leaving the skin soft and feeling fresh.” – Speaking of Beauty

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12. Sebium Gel soap for oily skin, by Bioderma

Another product that does not contain soap in its formulation, Bioderma soap is also suitable for sensitive oily skin. According to the product description, the soap guarantees the reduction of sebaceous secretion, helping to reduce blackheads and pimples.

“Its main feature, in my opinion, is its softness, it cleans the skin very well without being aggressive or drying. Leaves skin soft and fresh without that tight feeling.” – Nina Secrets

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13. Clearskin Cleansing Gel Soap, Avon

Avon soap has an oil-free formula, helping to combat skin oiliness. In addition, it also acts to unclog pores and has a soothing action. Another advantage of this soap is that it helps with acne swelling and is antibacterial.

“This soap helps to cleanse the skin, but it does so in a very gentle way – it doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight or dry.” – Aunt’s tips

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14. Clinique Oily Skin Liquid Soap

Clinique soap is made for oily and very oily skin and, despite acting especially on oily skin, it cleanses deeply without drying it out. The soap, along with the exfoliator and moisturizer, forms the three steps to have a more beautiful skin with controlled oiliness.

“I think the packaging is very practical and one pump is enough to wash the whole face! Sometimes I even use less! It leaves a very nice feeling of freshness and cleanses the skin well!” – hamburger

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15. Duo Glycare Soap, by Mantecorp

The differential of this soap is that it can also be used as a face mask. The product promotes cell renewal, deep cleaning, and improves skin tone. Soap is also used to reduce oiliness, blackheads and pimples.

“I notice that it has good oil control, cleanses very well and, at the same time, leaves the skin soft and luscious. I thought it was different!” – I swear

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Each soap has its characteristics and is specially produced to adapt to a skin. To find out which product is best for your skin, look for a dermatologist. In addition to indicating the ideal soap, he can give you other products to help control oiliness.

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