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Smell of Garlic Spiritual Meaning and Smell of Onion

Smell of garlic spiritual meaning / smell of onion spiritual meaning: Both garlic and onion have been used for various purposes throughout history, but one of them is esoteric.

Let’s learn more about the spiritual meaning of the smell of both foods.

garlic and onion spiritual powers

Garlic against vampires and more

It is believed that the garlic plant is an ancient symbol of protection against evil spirits and was often hung outside houses as protection against witches and vampires during Christmas celebrations and Halloween.

In China, people give garlic to newlyweds as a symbol of health and prosperity. The ancient Egyptians also used it to ward off negative spirits and made garlic wreaths for their graves because they thought it would protect them from death. In the Bible there is also talk of a plant called «garlick» that helped cure leprosy.

What does it mean to Smell Garlic or Onion?

Some in the Middle East believe that eating garlic will protect them from the plague or other illnesses, while others think there are more sinister applications for this pungent herb.

Watch this important video to learn what it means:

In Russia during World War II, soldiers ate garlic before going into combat because they thought it would protect them from bullets.

All of these beliefs stem from the idea that garlic is a powerful plant capable of magic. In this sense, some believe that garlic should be worn around the neck like a necklace, or carry a little in your pocket.

Another power food

It is said that the onions, like garlic, contain great magical properties that can ward off snakes and evil witches. Supposedly, the smell of the onion repels these creatures and drives them away.

Onions also have the ability to fight the common cold. Carrying an onion with you is very good for your health, or you can also choose to hang it in your room to achieve the same result. Although this is a very stinky remedy, this was an especially common practice during the days of the plague, they say it helped promote a healthy atmosphere.

Oddly enough, scientists say this may be true, as a cut onion actually attracts germs, which can help keep them away from humans. Let’s now find out what is the spiritual meaning of the smell of garlic and the smell of onion’s spiritual meaning.

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Smell of Garlic Symbolism

#1 Smell of garlic Indicates the presence of positive energies. Although we know that the smell of garlic and onion is one of the strongest, it is important to point out that when we feel it at home without there being a material or physical reason that causes it (cooking with garlic, peeling garlic, eating onion, etc.) we are talking about a positive spiritual meaning.

Therefore, that strong smell can simply symbolize that the place you are in has very good energies in the air. These energies are good for this place and also for the people who pass through it or inhabit it.

Your presence in that place only makes it possible for you to absorb and enjoy some of these good energies, so take advantage of them!

#2 Smell of garlic is a message from your Guardian Angel. Both the smell of garlic or onion at home without a physical cause that produces it can indicate the presence of your Guardian Angel. Fortunately, when this happens we just have to say thank you and not worry about it.

We say this because we should always be thankful that we have our Guardian angel by our side and protecting us from bad people, negative energies and everything bad that can affect us.

If you are sure that it was your Angel who was by your side, you do not have to worry, because the positive smells that you feel indicate that everything is fine and that you do not have to worry.

Therefore, just enjoy their presence and do not despair thinking negative things, since there is no reason to do so.

#3 Smell of garlic can indicate some type of mediumship. According to esotericism, everyone has sensitivity to the spiritual world to different degrees.

Precisely for this reason, many people have already gone through some kind of manifestation or experience that involves the other plane.

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But depending on how often you feel it and how intense it is, it may end up signaling the awakening of a mediumship since this awakening makes us more likely to perceive presences that are not on this plane.

The mediumship linked to the perception of odors is called olfactory mediumship, which can capture odors that no one else can feel and that are spiritual manifestations.

It is worth remembering that it depends on the frequency and other factors to characterize it as mediumship. Additionally, odors can indicate the vibrations of manifestations or even the type of entity manifesting.

But there is no need to worry or fear, in addition to the smell, the sensation that is transmitted also indicates a lot about the manifestation. So if you have positive feelings right now and feel good things, there is no reason to fear.

Symptoms of Being Cursed by Black Magic

#4 Smell of garlic can indicate the presence of more enlightened spirits. Another indication that the smell of garlic or onion can bring in the environment without a cause that produces it is the spiritual manifestation of more enlightened beings.

The smells can be closely linked to the vibrations of the entity present. Therefore, when smells are bad they can indicate the presence of a lower vibrating entity and good smells can indicate higher vibrating entities.

This is a rule that does not apply to all cases, but normally garlic and onion smells are related to higher vibrations. But something that can also happen is that smelling garlic or onion in the house can indicate that someone who disembodied liked it a lot.

In this case it may be the presence of the person there, indicating that they are fine or even wanting to convey a message. Therefore, it is not possible to generalize the meanings of this event, since they are specific to each one.


If, however, you do not like to perceive that smell of garlic or onion that are so strong because it bothers you or even makes you a little scared (although we emphasize that it is a positive spiritual smell), you can perform a powerful protective bath.

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Rosemary helps remove all fears from your heart, as well as sorrows and everything that makes you feel heavy.

The lavenderfor its part, provides mental tranquility and inner balance, balancing energies and helping to clean everything that takes away that peace.

That is why this bath, in addition to helping with negative energies, brings peace and happiness so that you can calmly assess the situation.

If you want to repeat it at home, follow the instructions for this powerful bath below.


  • 2 quarts of water;
  • A pan;
  • The container of your choice;
  • A bunch of rosemary;
  • A handful of lavender.

How to do it correctly:

Heat the 2 liters of water in a saucepan until it reaches the boiling point, turning off the heat when you see bubbles forming;
Add the rosemary and lavender, cover the pot and let it sit for at least 15 minutes or until the water is lukewarm;

Strain the bath water, transferring it to the chosen container and save the herbs to dispose of them in nature;

Take the water to the bathroom and make it easily accessible before starting the bath;

Wash as usual, taking your normal bath first. At the end, turn off the shower and pour the bath water from the neck down;

Remember to keep your thoughts elevated or say a prayer during the time you energetically cleanse yourself.

You must always be careful with the temperature of the water, diluting it if it is too hot.

Similarly, it is important to pay attention to thoughts during the bath, without letting the vibration get in the way of cleaning.

With this bath you will have cleaned negative energies that may be in your body.

If you want to know more about the smell of garlic spiritual meaning and the smell of onion spiritual meaning, you can ask your question and send it to our social networks or email.

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