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Sisterhood is a fundamental behavior for feminism

Sisterhood is a word originating from the Latin ‘soror’, which means sister, and has been increasingly used by women, mainly in support of feminism in the deconstruction of machismo. Neuropsychologist Roberta Brito (CRP: 06/61136) spoke on the subject, pointing out misconceptions and the importance of the term for female empowerment. Follow up!

what is sorority

The concept is strongly linked to feminism and represents an alliance between women in opposition to sexist culture. According to the psychologist, this alliance is based on the deconstruction of rivalry, “empathy, companionship and solidarity in search of achieving common goals”, regardless of social class, race, ethnicity and religiosity among women.

The use of the term was attributed to the feminist writer Kate Millett in 1970, when she used the word to build the idea of ​​female union in the fight for women’s rights. In addition, he was inspired by the women of the turn of the century who together fought against violence, oppression and patriarchy.

“We were, over time, conquering the right to simple attitudes, previously given only to men, such as working outside the home, voting, divorce, political positions, among others”, added the professional.

Difference between empathy and sisterhood

Sisterhood is strongly related to feminism and concerns the union and the practice of reception, mainly in opposition to the oppression and violence suffered by women. Empathy “is not just for women. It’s about society realizing that we should look at each other with respect, above all, because each person has the right to be who they are and the way they want”, explains the psychologist. Thus, exercising empathy is putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, regardless of gender.

Why sorority is important

The purpose of sorority is precisely to break the rivalry propagated between women since childhood, showing that this is a social construction and promoting female support in defense of common goals and deconstruction of prejudices. “Wherever there is prejudice, there is a fight. That’s why sorority is very important to strengthen the fight to change stigmas and ideologies that don’t make sense”, Brito informed.

In this way, sorority is necessary for feminism for creating an alliance between women, promoting recognition, belonging and the union of voices in the fight for gender equality. United for the same cause, it is possible to fight misogynistic actions, machismo and patriarchy. “The goal is to break down barriers, many of them imposed by sexist thoughts rooted in our culture, others by issues of class and color. In fact, the fight is for freedom”, added the psychologist.

Misconceptions about sorority

The perception of the term is often wrong and it cannot always be applied, especially when they think that sorority is to like, identify with and defend all women, even in the face of wrong attitudes. It is important to make it clear that the idea is to listen, to give voice to women, respecting the essence of each one, however, it is also essential to have discernment of what is right or wrong.

For the psychologist, sorority “is a relatively new term, so the more it is publicized, the more it will be absorbed by common sense and everyone will have access” to the correct meaning. For that, it’s worth sharing relevant information on the subject, contesting misconceptions and keeping in mind that you don’t have to be every woman’s best friend. Sisterhood is about respecting, not judging and collectively supporting the struggle.

How to practice sisterhood

The essence of sisterhood is to support, help and not judge other women. So, here are some attitudes that you can practice on a daily basis to strengthen the union between women:

  • End the rivalry;
  • Support other women;
  • Appreciate the work of other women;
  • Recognize your worth;
  • Share your knowledge;
  • Don’t judge by dress;
  • Put yourself in other women’s shoes with empathy.

As seen, sorority is important to combat prejudice, machismo, stigmas and ideologies rooted in society. Therefore, welcoming women is essential to achieving female independence and freedom. Enjoy understand the difference between sorority and dorority.

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