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Silk shirt: elegance and modernity for your look

One of the finest and most elegant pieces of women’s wardrobe is the silk shirt. A sure choice for lawyers and executives, the silk shirt doesn’t have to be just an element of formal wear. Knowing how to combine, the piece becomes versatile and can be used on different occasions and in the most varied styles.

According to personal stylist Ingrid Sauer, when a woman chooses to wear a silk shirt, she not only wants to feel sophisticated, but also wants to convey elegance and quality to her look. “She IS a sophisticated and timeless woman, because a silk shirt lives for many years in her closet”, reinforces the personal stylist.

There are those who believe that the silk shirt is an element only for formal looks, but, knowing how to counterbalance, the piece can be a great option for modern, sophisticated and even casual looks.

“The silk shirt combines with several types of pieces, from basic everyday pieces like jeans to a skirt or pants in sophisticated fabric and cuts like tailoring pieces”, guides Ingrid.

How to wear the piece in different looks

Here are some tips to make sure you don’t go wrong when combining the silk shirt with another piece and learn how to make amazing and modern looks:

silk shirt with jeans

A great option to make your look less formal is to combine the silk shirt with jeans. “Jeans works as a wildcard, matching all types of shirts. To make the look look modern, use your silk shirt with pumps, a nice accessory and you will have a chic and casual look!”, bets the personal stylist.

With jeans there is not much difficulty to match, so the bet on printed shirts is appropriate, as well as options of colored shirts. The heel, blazer and darker jeans make the look more formal, if you want to wear the shirt to work. For a more casual look, invest in flat shoes and lighter jeans.

Silk shirt with skirt

The skirt is always a good piece to make the look more feminine and romantic, as well as making it look more sexy and powerful. The combination with a silk shirt is ideal for different environments, from a more formal job to more chic occasions such as a cocktail party or dinner. “One way to convey a look that is both classic and modern is to wear a shirt with a tailored skirt with a blazer overlay or powerful accessories. In the work look, this combination works very well, because its image conveys elegance and reliability”, completes Ingrid.

If the bet is on more casual skirts, such as a denim skirt or a miniskirt, the look is perfect for ballads, shopping malls and meeting with friends. Combine with shoes without heels, medium bags and bet on colors to create that harmonious, modern and unpretentious look.

Silk shirt with blazer

The blazer will always add a touch of formality to your look, so if that’s not your intention, bet on pieces that reinforce your creativity to get out of the obvious and create a different look. Printed silk shirts are great for making the combination more informal. When combined with a colorful blazer, it makes the look even more creative.

“Women can wear a silk shirt and a blazer with jeans or a skirt. Always wear modern pieces with your silk shirt to leave the look young and at the same time fashionable”, says the personal. Accessories that print personality also help to make the look modern. If the idea is to make a more chic look, bet on high heels, if it is a more casual look, the option is sneakers or boots.

silk shirt with pants

Tailored pants are the perfect combination to create an elegant, formal look, ideal for more serious work environments. Bet on neutral colors for the look to gain a touch of refinement. “Use it with accessories like pearls or a nice earring and always with a nice pump”, suggests Ingrid.

If your idea is to wear more formal pants, like the leather flared model, to wear in more relaxed places, wear it with a colored or printed silk shirt. Printed pants can also be a great option to create a less formal look with the pieces.

Silk shirt with shorts

Shorts, despite seeming an unlikely combination with a silk shirt, can create wonderful looks. More chic shorts options, such as with appliqués or in thinner fabrics, help not to make the look so casual. An interesting tip is to make the set, combining the print of the shorts with the silk shirt.

When worn with heels and imposing accessories, the look becomes ideal for lunch and shopping trips. If combined with shoes without heels, the look is very casual and youthful, and can be used in barbecues with friends and birthday parties during the day.

Tips that can save your look

Some other tips can help you not to go wrong when choosing the best silk shirt to compose your look in a sure way, reinforcing your style. Check out these tips that were passed by the personal stylist and apply them to make amazing looks with your silk shirt.

  • Fabrics that match silk: All fabrics look amazing when paired with silk, as Ingrid says. “It all depends on your style,” she adds. Even the combination of silk and silk is possible, creating a light, fresh and modern look.
  • Who can wear it: All women can wear the silk shirt as long as it matches their style. “Silk provides nobility and elegance to the look, making the look change its behavior, becoming more tidy. That’s why it’s important for the piece to be part of your dressing style!”, declares the personal.
  • Plus size women: a nice tip for plus size women that Ingrid gives is to bet on silk shirt models with a V-neck and that are long enough to cover the hip part. “No frills and details on the front, the V-neckline favors plus size women a lot and, as the silk has a great fit, the piece fits very well on the body.” Another personal tip is to fold the sleeves up to 3/4, a great way to disguise the arm.
  • Where to use: the silk shirt can be used in more formal occasions and in everyday life, it all depends on the combination and accessories that make up the look. “With jeans, shorts and short skirts, the silk shirt goes well for everyday life. With a blazer and tailored pieces, the look is sophisticated and calls for more formal environments, such as working in a bank, offices, a more executive woman”, explains Ingrid.
  • Silk shirt models: there are several silk shirt models: with sleeves, without sleeves, with bows, open with buttons, closed in the front like a blouse. There are a multitude of models on the market that you can choose from and choose the one that best suits your style.
  • Perfect accessories: pieces in gold, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, pearls and a beautiful heel, are the most accurate accessories according to the personal. It’s just important to pay attention when the shirt is printed so you don’t create a loaded look with too much information.

Silk shirt options for your wardrobe

Even if your work doesn’t require a formal look, you can have a silk shirt in your wardrobe, as you can create the most varied looks with it. Choose one that matches your style, include a piece that has your face, add the ideal accessories and make wonderful and modern looks.

Below, a selection of 8 silk shirts that are available in the main Brazilian e-commerces, so you have no excuse and don’t leave it for later.

Several looks with silk shirt for you to be inspired

If even with all the tips you still lack inspiration to create your look, just take a look at the images below and check out how bloggers wear their silk shirts. There are several combination options for the most different styles, just find the one that best suits you and be inspired by the adopted look.

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