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Silicon Mix: shine and softness for damaged hair

An intense treatment to restore health, shine and softness to damaged and weak hair. This is what the Silicon Mix line of hair products, coming from the Dominican Republic, promises.

With a formula that brings together ceramides, keratin and silicone, the hair cream (which has three versions) has become a sensation, especially among bloggers, who are always attuned to the latest in the beauty market.

Lela Athanasio, a professional at Crystal Hair Ipanema, explains that he promises to act within three minutes. “It can be used as a complementary treatment mask in the bath. But it is worth noting that it does not replace hydration in the salon”, she says.

But is the product really effective and does it really deliver the promised results? To clear this and other doubts, nothing better than hearing the opinion of those who have already tested Silicon Mix!

Andrezza Minotto, author of the blog Dicas de Beaute, says that she had already read some bloggers talking about Silicon Mix, which made her curious. “After all, they talked about the three types, but they didn’t talk about the difference between them. I ended up traveling to the US at that time when creams were super popular and I decided to buy all three to see what the differences really were between each one. I bought the masks at a drugstore in Orlando and spent three months testing each one to be sure when doing my product review,” she explains.

The differences between the three creams

Traditional Silicon Mix is ​​a “shock treatment to restore health, shine and softness to dry, battered and brittle hair”. Some of the ingredients in the product are: water, mineral oil, keratin and ceramide.

Blogger Andrezza Minotto says that, although the traditional version is the most versatile, she didn’t really like the smell of the mask. However, in relation to the results, she considered the product good, since her hair was shiny and silky.

Silicon Mix Bambú is a “hair treatment that contains bamboo extract, a natural product to regenerate and nourish the hair. And silicones to smooth and shine.” It promises to prevent hair breakage and split ends. It has vitamins A, E, F, H, Pro-vitamin B5 (Panthenol), B8 and horse chestnut extract, which improve the health and beauty of the hair, helping it to grow faster.

In Andrezza’s opinion, the bamboo mask was the one she liked the most. “It made my hair shinier and fragrant. Also, her fragrance is so much better! Not to mention it actually makes hair grow faster and stronger than usual (if used together with shampoo from the same line),” she says.

Silicon Mix Proteína de Perla “nourishes the hair and gives it shine, vitality and the softness it needs to keep it smooth and tamed”. Contains pearl extract, a natural marine product that rejuvenates and strengthens the hair. It promises to create healthy, shiny and moisture resistant hair, preventing frizz.

Blogger Andrezza Minotto confesses, however, that she did not like the product. “I hated the smell and it made my hair feel heavy. But that happened because my roots are oily. I realized that if the person has curly hair and/or with chemistry, they will love this version. It leaves hair smoother and tamed. And it’s what rebuilds the most. But I can already tell you that the smell is not the best”, she explains.

Silicon Mix Bamboo Shampoo

Blogger Andrezza Minotto says that she loved the Silicon Mix Shampoo Bambú, as well as the treatment cream. “It has all those vitamins in the bamboo cream, helping with accelerated hair growth,” she says.


There is also Silicon Mix Shine, a spray that promises instant shine to the hair, repairs and protects against the heat of the dryer and flat iron.

“The glow he gives is really impressive. I use it every day. Just one spray and you’re done, super shiny hair with less frizz. I love him! It’s the cheap version of the Moroccanoil shine spray”, highlights Andrezza.

How to use?

Andrezza highlights that, despite the particularities of each mask, she indicates the use of Silicon Mix. “I recommend using one to three times a week, as a hydration mask. I usually leave it for 20 minutes with a thermal cap. Anyone who wants to can use it as a conditioner, it’s great too,” she says.

Regarding the shampoo, she explains that she doesn’t use it every day, due to the fact that her hair is oily. “But I use it about three times a week and it is super approved. It and the Bamboo Treatment Mask are the perfect pairing for fast, healthy hair growth,” she says.

Where to buy?

Silicon Mix products are not available for sale in Brazilian stores. But you can find them on different websites. Check out some links below:

Now you have all the information you needed and, if you haven’t tried it yet, you can buy Silicon Mix and confirm if it really gives good results.

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